Mikih and the Teenagers 3 is an upcoming 3D movie that stars Mark Coleman as Mikih, Jerry as Roc, Big Show as Nasir. The guest include Layla as herself, Rayah as herself, and Ciara as herself. The movie will be released on March 7th, 2014 In 3D and Imax 3D.




Big Show.




Release: March 7th, 2014.


Mikih, Roc, Nasir, and Layla, Rayah, and Ciara get lost on a hawaii island. Now Louie has to save them.


The movie starts right near the ending of Mikih and the Teenagers 2 where Mikih (played by Danny) is'nt tired. After Wineyada turns the lights off and Mikih turns them on. Then Wineyada comes to turn the light off then, Mikih turns them off causing Wineyada to fall on the floor. Wineyada screams Mikih. The movie then starts with Wineyada getting up from the floor. Mikih, Roc, Nasir and the Teengirls go to a ship. But the teenagers and teengirls end up in an island. Ciara goes bit by a cat (who was bit by a Phoneutria Bahiemeses). In the morning she has became a french adventurous girl named Chantel. (She thinks someone's hurting her), As she rushe's off for the search, Nasir tells her no-one has hurt her then she believes him. She dances around with Roc. Meanwhile at night Louie (played by Woody) hears a loud scream realizing all of the dance with a dream. But the Bahiemes control still remains in her. In the morning Nasir swings on a vine with Chantel. Chris faces the fact no-body will rescue them. Due to this comment Louie starts to believe him. Louie finds Nasir with necklace that fell off of Louie. Louie puts it back together wich he fixse's it. While traveling to the boat Chantel hears a valcano wich results in her thinking about her heart. Mikih, Nasir, Layla and Rayah tell Chantel shes allowed to stay with them as long as possible and they prepare creating a boat.  Chantel gets hit in the side of her head, knocking her out. She also lays into a pile of mud. The knock out results in her changing back to Ciara. Louie, Chris, Mikih, Nasir, Layla and Rayah see her.  Ciara awakens remembering the whole entire events of what had happened. She also talks about it.  At the international music awards the group sing Made this Way. In the epilouge during the plane ride Mikih accidently pushe's the food cart and Louie flips over it, turns around and screams Mikih-iiii. Mikih even smiles and also chuckles shortly. The plane goes upward. Lotso rides the plane. 

By: Roc.


Danny as Mikih.

Jerry as Roc.

Big Show as Nasir.

Rafee Cooper as Mikih (Singing)/Roc (Singing Voice).

Rayah as Nasir (Singing Voice)/ Layla/Rayah/Ciara (Singing Voices).

Woody as Louie.

Ms. Deloris as Wineyada.

Layla as herself.

Rayah as herself.

Ciara as herself.

Iasha as Chantel.

Shrek (Charectar) as Chris (Filming).


The production began on April 10th, 2012.  Chris, was in the movie during filming but he was cut from the movie because it was'nt revealed if he'd return wich could've ment that he was still in the dumpster. He was in a scene as he said his lines to Louie: I had to perform at The Staples Center because of your girls.  Another was that this was the only movie Shrek would'nt be in.  

It has also been confirmed that Shrek would be in the fourth movie Mikih and The Teenagers 4. A 5th, and last movie will be developed afterwards. Wineyada was in the movie. But when the production had begun Ms. Deloris did'nt come back. When the production had restarted the movie had Whitey and Big Show back as Nasir. The movie started right from the ending of Mikih and the Teenagers 2. The only charectar the filmmakers had to re-cast as Mikih was Danny (who was in the second movie). Mark Coleman got replaced because he was on a trip. Shaketa was replaced because she never came for the production. So she did'nt reprise her role as Wineyada, then we he re-cast Wineyada's role and gave it to Ms. Deloris (who played Wineyada in the second movie). 

By: Roc.

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