A Mikulak

The Mikulak are a species native to Hathbor. They are descended from a species of amphibians that once lived in Hathbors marshes. The average Mikulak are a tall, thin being with pale skin and a small, knob-like skull. The skull sat atop a thin, seven-boned neck. The male of the species had a thin ridge running along the back their heads, which the females did not display. Their almond-shaped eyes could see into a variety of spectra beyond that of visible light. The Mikulaks were considered one of the most adept species at the creation of clones, although very few beings in the galaxy at large even knew of the existence of the Mikulaks. The Mikulaks had been developing cloning technology for many centuries prior to the Earth-Fen Domar War. This technology was developed shortly after the Great Flood, when the Mikulaks struggled to survive the global warming of their planet. Genetic manipulation and cloning ensured that the Mikulaks remained a strong and viable species. It was believed that their aloof nature was due, in part, to the genetic manipulation of the Mikulak gene-pool, which kept the race vital without sacrificing individuality. Many beings speculated that the modern Mikulaks were cloned, rather than created by natural reproduction. Since the post-flood Hathbor provided little natural resources, the Mikulaks discreetly sold their cloning services in return for the import of raw materials.

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