One Day Milhouse,Mr Conductor, Bart, Thomas, Percy and Martin Prince went to Toys R Us. When Milhouse saw a Shining Time Station VHS He Went Crazy

  • Milhouse:Can i Have This? Please?3x
  • Bart:no
  • Milhouse:Please?
  • Percy:NO!
  • Thomas:You Must Die!
  • Mr. Conductor:And it Cost Money
  • Percy:Thats it Go Back To Jail. NOW!
  • Thomas:And Your Grounded!
  • Martin:Can i Have a Lolly Pop?
  • Bart:Sure Here Some Money
  • Martin: Thanks!
  • Mr Conductor:Lets Go Money

So they went home and Milhouse was in a Panic

  • Well at Least i have Till Tomorrow

So Teh Next day, They went shopping and Milhouse saw a JukeBox Puppet Band Collection

  • Milhouse:Can i Have This? I Love TiTo
  • Bart @#!% U NO
  • Thomas:Thats it, Im going Home
  • Percy:Bring The TAZER 4000
  • Mr Conductor:Okay
  • Martin:Can i Get a STS Blue Ray?
  • Bart :Sure Here some Money
  • Martin:Thanks!
  • Milhouse:How come Martin Gets Everything?
  • Bart: DIE!

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