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The Millennium Fanon is a project to create a Star Wars universe which combines both fan-created concepts and canon. I do not have tremendous time to put into this project, however, I hope others will help. This does not need to be perfectly neutral either; we are creating a history for our own Star Wars world, so we can use the concept that "hindsight is 20:20" to our advantage, and describe what we may call "right" decisions or "blunders".

The Tragedy of Darth Plaguous the Wise

Darth Plaguous was killed by his apprentice, Darth Sidius, in his sleep, following the tradition of Sith masters being killed by their apprentices. He had, in fact, created Darth Sidius by manipulating midichlorians and creating a lifeform inside of a woman's body - a Dark Lady named Darth Triala who was his master and whose force power was stronger than his own. Plaguous never allowed Triala to go through childbirth; he killed her in her sleep and removed the child from her body, a child which he named Sidius.

Sidius, like his master before him, killed Plaguous in his sleep. Sidius had a detailed plan, planned out part by part, a plan which would span almost a hundred years.

However, though Plaguous told Sidius that he had taught Sidius everything, he had never mentioned the full details about Sidius' own creation. He had explained to Sidius how he was created, but kept one dark secret:; Plaguous had modified the structure of the midichlorians to make a being which was truly evil. No one before, not even Plaguous himself was truly evil, as it was only events after his birth which set in motion events which caused him to kill.

Sidius never knew about this, and therefore never calculated for it; when he created Anakin Skywalker inside Shmi Skywalker, he did not have the foresight to make Anakin truly evil, a folly which eventually ended in his downfall at Anakin's hand. (Incidentally, Sidius was not killed in his sleep, but while fully alert and torturing Luke Skywalker)

Code Controversy

I will start by bringing up a controversy about the Jedi Code. I believe that not the common Jedi Code should be accepted as "right", rather I believe it should be accepted as a glaring blunder in the history of the Jedi. Instead, I think that the historical view of the Jedi Code should view the older version as having been good, and "right":

Emotion, yet peace.
Ignorance, yet knowledge.
Passion, yet serenity.
Chaos, yet harmony.
Death, yet the Force.

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