The tall, friendly lady with the huge stungun. Proceed with extreme caution. A character from the anime/manga series, Trigun.

Character Bio

Name: Millie Thompson

Addressed as: Miss Millie, Miss Thompson, Thompson-sensei, Thompson-san

Nicknames: Stungun Milly

Age: 23

Height: 5'10 (almost 6 feet)

Birthdate: September 11, 1982

Likes: Making friends, helping, cheering up people, pudding, desserts, flowers, children, cute things, her stungun.

Dislikes: Seeing someone sad, being called names, losing her temper, someone wasting good pudding or food.

Mugenjou Status

Miss Millie Thompson is currently a resident in Mugenjou. At the high school, she works as an teacher/aide in Mr. Cho Hakkai's Home Economic class. She might imitidate others with her height, super strength, and her huge stungun hidden in her coat. Millie comes from a huge family of 11 siblings and would often write to them and her friend Meryl Strife monthly. She can be quite ditzy.

She has a huge sweet tooth with deserts especially pudding. She'll go to the store and will carry large quantites of. Millie is especially fond of cute things and children.

She's single, her ex-boyfriend has disappeared. She's hoping to find that "special someone", and currently she has a crush on Mr. Hakkai.

When someone tends to upset her or make her mad, she will pull out her stungun in front in their face. But, she tries not to get to worked up since she wants to set a example towards the students. So watch what you say in front of her face. She doesn't like it when someone is sad, she might give you a huge bear hug, crushing every bone of your body and try to cheer you up.

With Sasuke, she thinks that the reason why he's so angry and bitter is that he hasn't been opening up to everyone. She only wants him to see him happy and smile rather to be miserable all the time. She's very similar to Celia.

As far as hobbies, she tries to find some time to get into a hobby. She's currently in planting her new flower garden and knitting.


Millie: "Now now, what's going on here? n_n Hmm.."
Sasuke: "Naruto is a bastard."
Millie: "Whoa, I wouldn't use that type of language in front of a little girl, Sasuke."*points to Ecoco* "But, it looks that you and Naruto are fighting. About what?"
Ecoco: "They were playing a game and Naruto was winning I think and then I played and I won and I think Sasukes sad cause he didnt win."
Millie: "That's all? Everyone is a winner, don't be sore about losing a game, Sasuke."
Sasuke: "...Fuck you."
Millie: "Excuse me?"
Sasuke: "Fuck. You."
Millie: *in a sing song tone carrying stungun* "Language~!"


"My name is Millie Thompson. I would say, "Nice you meet you" But, you seem that you're not a nice person at all." (to Itachi during Naruto's Rescue plot)


Rock Lee: "What is the most dangerous movie villian you can think of, Thompson-san?"
Millie: *puts down stungun and thinks for a sec* "Ummm.......umm...Oh!" *continues thinking* "......" *is drawing a blank, strugs* ^__^;;; "Sorry..I can't think of anything."


"Now, don't say that. I'm sure that you if you open yourself a little more, you will make more friends. " - (to Sasuke)


Miss Thompson's Journal --Ta-san 08:21, 22 March 2006 (UTC)

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