Fan-fiction starring the characters of Tweenies.


  • (Milo and the others are having fun outside when Max arrives)
  • Max: Milo, can you go and press the Tweenie Clock please?
  • Milo: Righto, Max!
  • (Milo comes inside and is about to press the Tweenie Clock when Doodles comes in)
  • Doodles: I want to press the clock!
  • Milo: Doodles, NO!!!
  • (Doodles knocks over the Tweenie Clock, breaking it)
  • Milo: Now look what you've done, you dumb dog! You've broken the clock!
  • (Max comes in and sees the smashed clock)
  • Max: MILO!!!
  • Milo: Y-y-yes, Max?
  • Milo: It was Doodles! He did it!
  • (Doodles whines innocently)
  • Max: That's it, Milo! Come with me!
  • (Max grabs Milo by the hand and takes him to the Naughty Corner)
  • Max: This is where you will stay until that behaviour of yours is controlled!
  • Milo: I didn't break the clock! Honest!
  • Max: Don't tell lies, Milo!
  • Milo: I'm not! Doodles jumped up at the clock and knocked it over!
  • Max: Well, in that case, Doodles should be punished.
  • Milo: Thank goodness!
  • (Max takes Doodles to bed)
  • Max: Bad dog, Doodles! You will stay in bed and think about what you've done!
  • Doodles: But, Max, it was an accident!
  • Max: Well, you still broke the clock!
  • (Doodles whines even more)

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