Mimi's Song is a Song from Princess Karaoke, the first Musical Episode of the Digimon Adventure, also the first Musical Episode of the Digimon Animes. It sung by Mimi (Judith Barsi) and later ShogunGekomon (Brian Stokes Mitchell).

The Music is composed by Alan Menken, with Lyrics written by Howard Ashman, who also wrote the English Adaptation.


I wanna sing a song,

to bring ShogunGekomon around.

When he hears my voice,

I hope he likes the sound.

He has to listen,

Listen to my sincere Heart.

I've learned that Friends are Friends,

Even when they're apart.

I've asked my Friends to forgive me

From the Bottom of my Heart!

If it's my choice,

His eyes will open wide.

And the Gekomon will be cheering,

Cheering with pride.

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