Mind Chäs are any powers that are based on mental focus and Psychokinesis. Below is the information on Mind Chä.

Mind Chäs can ONLY be used by people of Intellect class and has Black, Grey, and Yellow powers.


Here are the varying Mind Chä powers.


  • Telekinesis: The ability to move objects with one's mind. Pretty much all there is to say about that.
  • Electrokinesis: The art of creating and expelling electricity in and through the body. Electricity powers basically.
  • Pyrokinesis: The ability to create and expel fire. Basically fire elemental power.
  • Cyrokinesis: The ability to create and expel ice. Basically ice powers.
  • Aquakinesis: The ability to create and control water. Similar to water elemental.
  • pH Control: Create acid and turn normal liquids into acid. Acids can be highly corrosive, or not, depending on what the Chäotic wants.
  • Psi Manipulation: The ability to create, store, or expel Psi energy in the body. Psychometry can be used to create Psi Balls, Psi Shields, or Psi Beams and many other things.


  • Matter Transmutation: Can cause one subject to become a different one. For example, Oxygen could become wood. Elements, Compounds, and Atomic Makeup have no effect on the change.
  • Probability Manipulation: The Chäotic gains complete control over the outcomes of random events such as rolling a die, flipping a coin, being dealt certain cards, etc. Thus, this is power is often used by dishonest Chäotics to cheat.
  • Regeneration: Can instantly regenerate from otherwise fatal events. Such as falling thirty stories into a massive spike. (Yes Peter Petrelli, I'm talking to you.)


  • Telepathy: To project and receive thoughts of other people. This includes thoughts of people far away from you. Can cause problems when two peope read each others minds, creating Audio Feedback. Or, Mental Feedback. Think about it as if you put a microphone in front of it's speaker.
  • Clairvoyance: To view places and people from a remote place. Often confused with precognition.
  • Precognition: To see events that will happen in the future. Most fo the time there is no way to see when or where something is going to have. Mind Chäotics just see the event happening.
  • Technopathy: the ability to communicate and control machines. Is often used by dishonest Mind Chäotics to steal money from ATMs.

Enviromental Effects

The signature power for Mind Chä is Telekinesis, and it is barely effected by the environment. The Chäotic can choose to turn off the effects. Here is a list of said effects:

  • Fire Area: Pyrokinesis is infused with Telekinesis.
  • Water Area: Aquakinesis is infused with Telekinesis.
  • Air Area: Telekinesis is replaced by Aerokinesis.
  • Ice Area: Cyrokinesis is infused with Telekinesis.
  • Stone/Earth Area: Telekinesis is replaced by Geokinesis.

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