Mindy Lee is one of the following girls that Tai is frightened of, and the love interest of Andrew Clarkson appearing in The Red Ribbon. She has orange hair to which she ties in twin-tails with pink ribbons on them and red eyes. Her main outfit is composed of: a pastel purple long sleeved shirt, black miniskirt, opaque tan pantyhose and red ballet flats. She is voiced by Bryn McAuley (in the same tone as Ren Kurenai from Beyblade: Shogun Steel). At her age, she is 14 years old.


  • Unnammed parents
  • Andrew Clarkson (Love Interest)
  • Tai Kamiya (Biggest Fan)


  1. Feeling classy to Andrew
  2. Sharing the fanatics with Kazane Fujimiya
  3. Leaning to her feet


  1. Losing
  2. Getting insulted
  3. Being cocky

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