The Mine Engine as drawn by 01Salty

Mine Engine is the Mid-Sodor engine from Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends.


Mine Engine worked in the Mid-Sodor Railway and went deep down the mines to get more coal. He lives in the sheds with Duke who was the wise and grace of Duke of Sodor and was friendly. He and Duke are good friends. And there was Smudger who was the nastest, rude and rough engine. He thought Mine Engine was really use make fun of him, because Mine Engine doesn't have a name. At the mine, he works with Bertram who was friendly and next to him was Neil. He was one of the S.&.M. Railway engines and used to come to the mine to pick up the coal. He was friendly with Mine Engine. At the Mid-Sodor Railway, his driver came to take him to the mine. Smudger tells Mine Engine to be nice to Bertram, or he will chase hime down the mine and then block it and he will lost down there forever. Mine Engine tells him that he's not of Bertram because he was friendly with Bertram. At the mine, he was ready to work with Bertram when he suddenly ran all over Bertram's driver who was talking to the miner until he was dead. Mine Engine was scared to see a very angry miner stares at him after he killed Bertram's driver. The next morning, a furious manager came to see Mine and tells him that his his driver was sent to the cort until he was going to the jail. The next morning, a very angry people came to have a huge meeting about Mine Engine killed Bertram's driver from the many days ago. Mine Engine feels sad after the angry people yells at him to scrap him. When the sun was setting, the man comes to take Mine Engine to the scrapyard and he sadly left. He was finally presumably scrapped.

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