First, This is for Pat / PopularMMOs.

Second, Pat said that Jen / GamingwithJen in the Herobrine's Lair Map (I give credit for Him becaude He made the Adventure Map) but, She didn't fell so well. So I thought this would be a "Mod, Creative, and Surivial" series where Pat and Jen could play together.

Third, I hope you Like this,     It's going to be like Epic Proportions and Evil Minecraft

Fourth, Each season will end with a boss battle. (This includes the Ender Dragon)

Fifth, No Face Cam because it might take too long.

Sixth, Don't do hardcore, because an Creeper will explode in your face and killed you. Like a Rare or a Charge One.

Seventh, Keep the Mods on the same world so like one big adventure.

Eighth, No Bad Words

Episode 1: The Ultimate Journey Mob

Starting Mods:


Hardcore Ender Dragon

OreSpawn Mod

Portal Gun


Hostile Worlds

Battle Towers



Zombie Awerness

In Furneal Mobs

Better Funrance

Iron Dimentions


Get some Wood

Build a Crafting Table

Get a Portal Gun (Creative)

Note: Miniaturure Black Hole, 2 Obisidian, 5 Iron Ingots, and 1 Diamond

Build a Wooden Axe

Build a House

Make a Portal

Build a Wooden Sword

Get a Portal Spawner (Creative)

Note: Miniature Black Hole, 4 Iron Injots, and 2 Diamonds

Get some Raw Porkchops and Wool

Make a Door

Place a Portal Spawner

Get a Surgar Cane

Make a Bed

Make the Long Fall Boots

Note: 1 Obsidian, 2 Diamonds, and 6 Iron Ingots

Get some Raw Chickens

Make a Pickaxe

Put on the Long Fall Boots

Make a Chest

Make a Axe

Build A Turret (Creative)

Note: 1 Redstone, 2 Obisidian, and 5 Iron Ingots

Build a Pickaxe

Build another Sword

Spawn 10 Sentry Turrets (Creative)

Get Cobblestone

Make a Bed

Craft a Stone Pickaxe

Go to Bed

Craft a Stone Axe

Get some Wool

Make another Pickaxe

Make a "Nether" Portal out of Blocks of Iron

End the Video

Episode 2: Cave Base

New Mods:

Mutant Creatures


Make another Pickaxe

Craft a Iron Flint and Steel and Light it up

Note: Iron Ingots around Flint and Steel

Make another Pickaxe

Get Wood

Go through the Iron Dimention

Kill A Iron Golem

Go back to the Overworld

Get some Coal

Place Crafting Table

Make a Gold Dimention

Place Crafting Table

Craft 2 Furnace

Get Iron Ingot

To be Continued...

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