Main Room:

The Walls are made out of Soul Sand, Fire (On Top of the Soul Sand), Levers

The Floors is made out of Obsidian and Jack-O-Lanterns



Level 1: Vanilla Minecraft?

Since my parents died last year, it's time for a new beginning...

The Guide said a girl called Stacy catches me up at the plains. I hope everything works find.

Welcome to The Minecraft Movie

Build a House and Make a Bed.

Level 2: The Nether


My Nether Jail is made out of Diamond Ore. So if you want to go mining in that room. I don't "mine".

There are Jack-O-Lanterns and Fire for decorations.

The Jail Sells are made out of Glass Plate

A Powered Rail is in your sell for some random reason.

  • The Player*: Where are we?

Girl: This is the Nether. You are captured by Herobrine.

Me: What?! How do we get out?

Girl: You're in luck. I placed TNT outside your sell. Pull that lever and stand back.

Pull the Lever and TNT will blow up!

Girl: Destroy that Giant Zombie and run to the exit, I will meet you on the other side.

Me: See you soon.

She'll give you a Iron Sword and Kill a Giant Zombie

Go to the Portal and talk to The Mysterious Girl.

Girl: This is the Portal out of the Nether. However, It's lock. Pull the Lever over there to try to teleport

Level 3: Welcome to the Village

Kill the Muntant Zombie and Muntant Skelenton

Muntant Zombie: So you think you can escape.

Me: You can't keep me in the nether!! Tme for you to die!

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