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Chapter 1: Bikini Bottom Phase 1


Other Mobs: Gary/Wolf, Flying Dutchman/Zombie Pigman, Patrick/Villager Farmer, Squidward/Villager Priest, Mr. Krabs/Libirian, Sandy/Girlfriend

Enimies: Creepers


Iron Ingot - Eye of Ender

Diamond - Rose

Chapter 2: Downtown Bikini Bottom Phase 1

Spongebob, Gary

Other Mobs: Mr. Krabs/Villager Librian, Villagers Baker, Patrick/Villager Farmer

Hostile Monsters: Karen/Creepers, Jellyfish/Spiders


Krabby Patties - Karate Helmet/Diamond Helmet,

9 Emeralds - Diamond

Krabby Patties - Emerald

Chapter 3: Bikini Bottom Phase 2

1. Spongebob, gary

Mobs: Patrick/Villager Farmer, Plankton/Enderman

Characters / Mobs (Texture Pack)

Spongebob Characters and Idems:

Spongebob Skin

Gary as Wolfs

Flying Dutchman as Zombie Pigman

Jellyfish Net as Diamond Pickaxe

Karen as Creeper

Patrick as Villager/Farmer

Squidward as Villager/Priest

Mr. Krabs as Villager/Libirian

Sandy as Girlfriend (OreSpawn Mod)

Jellyfish as Spiders

Karate Helmet as Diamond Helmet

Plankton as Enderman

The Ones that stay the Same.



Creepers as Thug Fish

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