Level 1: The Adventures Begins

The Tree House:

Stone (1)

Grass (2)

The House:

Large Chest (1)

Dirt (2)

Cobblestone (3)

Cutscene 1:

Chicken 1: Who are You?

Chicken 2: Take him to the King.

King: Who is this?

Chicken: We found him in the Plains Biome, my lord.

King; Ah...Let him go. I send you here so I could offer you a job... Well i really could need some help but at first you should get to know our lovely city a bit better until you work for me... I'll send you a message when I need your help. Goodbye

Get to the Desert:

Diologe 1:

King: Welcome Back!

Some people outside the town have not paid there taxes yet.




Snarky Tree Pig


Enderman, Zombie Pigman

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