The Ministry of Naval Forces

The Ministry of Naval Forces is the chief organization that is the doctrinal and structural headquarters for all naval forces. Administrative matters as well as the Judge Advocate General is hiused in these offices. The navy has it's own intelligence organization that is not well documented or well known. It is not even clear what or where the organization is or even what its mission or chain of command is. The Ministry of Naval Forces hosts the Commander of Naval Operations, Commander of Naval Special Warfare, Commander of Naval Space Warfare, Commaner of Naval Aviation, Commander of Naval Undersea Warfare, Commander of Antisurface Warfare, Chief of Naval Education and Training, Chief of Naval and Naval Aeromedicine as well as the Cheief of Naval Engineering. This office also hosts the Naval Sea and Space Systems Command, Naval Air and Space Systems Command, as well as the Office of Shipbuilding and Design, and Naval Nuclear and Fission Development command. This doe not take into account the subordinate technical commands that are located all over Tresedia.

The Supreme Naval Command is the operational command that is responsible for day to day operations of each Fleet. The fleet component command chiefs are housed at Supreme Naval Headquarters. There are two fleets, and each fleet has two subordinate naval districts. The Third naval district is subordinate to the Supreme Naval Command. The Third Naval District (3 NAVDIS) acts as the Fleets own organic command, responsible of auditing the other naval districts.

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