1. Write a short, personal article or reflection of one-page in length (or shorter) about a conspiracy ...
    1. that awakened you.
    2. that changed you.
    3. that surprised you.
    4. that upset you.
  2. (Optional) Write a short article or reflection on how you face the challenge of conspiracies impinging ...
    1. upon you.
    2. upon your loved ones.
    3. upon your community.
  3. (Optional) Write a short article or reflection that suggests how others can begin to see how relevant the understanding of conspiracies is ...
    1. in a few minutes.
    2. in a half-hour.
    3. in a couple hours.
    4. in a day.
  4. (Optional) In the shadow of inhumane conspiracies, write a short article or reflection that suggests what can be done to improve our prospects for a decent future ...
    1. as an individual.
    2. as a family.
    3. as a community.

How to Begin

  • In your favorite text editor, write your story using a simple markup language as described at the w:c:Help:Tutorial editing tutorial.
  • Click on the "Log in / Create account" link (top) to setup an account or to log in.
  • Go to the Minitrue main page of this mini wiki.
  • Put a title for your story in the box, and click on the "Create" button.
  • Cut and paste your text into the editing space.
  • Add [[category:Minitrue]] on a line at the bottom of your article.
  • Click on the "Show preview" button at the bottom of the page to see how it will look, and make editing changes as needed.
  • Click on the "Save page" button to store your writing.
  • Return to this page and add a link to your article (above) by editing this page.

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