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Here is a list of all known open volleyball (also known as pick-up volleyball or drop-in volleyball) opportunities in the Twin Cities. Please add any you know of. If a location (Indoor or Beach) has a court available anytime, please list times where there is likely to be a game happening. Notes on availability and quality on each item are appreciated as well. Please provide a source for all listings if known.

Volleyball times change, are canceled, and end often, so if you are trying a new location, please call in advance during the day/before the weekend to confirm there will be volleyball that night/weekend.

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Meetup group

Checkout the meetup group if you are "intermediate" (able to consistently pass to the setter and usually make decent sets to a hitter). They schedule several beach volleyball gatherings per week: Mpls Intermediate Pickup VB . Playing levels vary among players, but most players are at a C/CC/B level, with a few BB/A and an occasional D player.

also you can search facebook: Twin.Cities.Volleyballers

Listings - Twin Cities

Please list in a consistent format. E.g. Time, City, Facility Name & Number, # of courts, and Details (dates, environment, level of play), $.

All times P.M. unless otherwise noted. All sessions open to all people 18 and over only (no kids allowed, no membership required) unless otherwise noted. All are up to six-on-six games unless otherwise noted.



  • 12-1pm St. Paul (Skyway) YMCA, free to Y members (must have Y membership or be a guest) one court; fairly high level of play.
  • 6:30-9:30pm Midtown YWCA, $3-$8 Ran by GLASS, Gay and Lesbian Athletic Sports Society ** (depending on how many people are there), two courts, A/BB/B levels, year round. ***Oct. 2013 Update -- Great level of play, well run, draw for teams***
  • 6:30-9:30pm Apple Valley Community Center, $4, three to six courts, all levels, year round. ***Oct. 2013 Update -- Great level of play, mixed, at times, cliquey...but one of the better-run Open Gyms ***
  • Adult Rec Volleyball in NE MPLS!!!!  All skill levels allowed for friendly contests at Windom Community Center.  7 - 9 pm, $4.  One court, skill ranges from B-D. Games are played to 11. Missed serves cost 2 points.



  • 6-9pm Agricultural & Food Sciences Academy (100 E. Vadnais Blvd, Vadnais Heights), $3[1](Winter ONLY) NOV-MARCH? They only have one court and its very low level. ***I would classify these players as intermediate.
  • 6:30-9:30pm Edgerton Elementary/City of Maplewood Community Gym 1929 Edgerton St, Maplewood, 651-249-2145, (Any changes posted on Community Gym office window), Closed March 26, 2013 & April 30, 2013 ONLY. Adult Co-Rec (18+) $4. Enter building through door off north (rear) parking lot. Year-round. Fun mixed group of competitive playing levels. 3 courts. First come, first serve. 48 player limit. Cold drinks available for purchase. 
  • Evenings Luxton Park (112 Williams Ave SE, Mpls, 612-370-4925), $3 (Not currently listed in Parks & Rec program schedule for summer - may change again in the fall. Park info)
  • 7-10pm River Valley Athletic Club(winter only) *summer they play in lake elmo with Mike Zeno $12(non-members)[1] Very Friendly group, was only six of us the night I went, so I got to play 2 1/2 hours of 3 on 3. Fairly high level (please no beginners) this group now uses doodle
  • 8-10pm Davis Community Center (Golden Valley, 763-512-2345, main #952-988-5100), $4 - NOV 2015 UPDATE - Skill level depends on the night, but seems to be settling into fairly decent intermediate level so far. Occasionally more experienced teams run 5-1 and 6-2s. So far fun and friendly non-cliquey environment! Two courts available with a cut off at 30 players so need to get down early or be turned away!

  • Lakes Free Church * 29620 Olinda Tr <next to the HS> in Lindstrom , MN. 7:00pm to 9:00pm. Free. 2 courts  mixed group 4 v 4 to 6 v 6 play. Loose rules on top net touch and foot faults. No pressure just fun! Pretty far from the twin cities, beware slippery roads in the winter time.
  • Beginner night for GLBT and allies at Sabathani Community Ctr (310 E 38th St, Minneapolis) 2nd floor gym. 6:30-9 PM. Cost: $3-$5. No set teams, players will draw numbers. Only one court, waiting times inbetween games.


  • 5:00p-dark At New Hope Civic Center - Rockford Road East off of 169 - turn left on Zealand Ave N - courts on cost to play. When it's warm out, we're playing (April - Sept)
  • 6:00p-dark At Maple Grove Community Center of of Weaver Lake Rd...Courts are located between Community Center and Cub Foods. for schedule.



  • 12-1pm St. Paul (Skyway) YMCA, free to Y members (must have Y membership or be a guest) one court; fairly high level of play.
  • 6:00-10pm Sol Volleyball Robbinsdale Community Center - Door 18, $5 Discount Punch Card (Pay for 10 & save) 17 yrs old…….. $ 30, 18-54 yrs old…$40, 55 & older…….$30, FOUR courts available: 2 – Co-Ed courts 2 – Power courts** **Players must play at a BB or higher level. Address: Robbinsdale Community Center - Door 18 is in the back of the school, 3730 Toledo Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55422'updated April 8, 2009.
  • 7:00-10:00PM - Mounds View Community Center, $5 ($2 res). B-C level. Nice facility, but only two courts. Attendance of over 40 is common, resulting in long waiting lines for games. Closed during the summer.
  • 7-9pm Sabathani Community Center, 310 East 38th Street Minneapolis. This is Minneapolis' advanced GLBT open gym. See for more information (there are lower level open gyms available as well on different nights at other locations). Facility: 1 court. Playtime varies depending on # of people. Can play the entire time or very little depending on # of people who show. Level is typically Men's USAV BB/A. Summer hours: 6:30-9pm.
  • 2012
  • Tayolrs Falls elementary school. 2 blocks up the hill past the gas stations and then right turn 2 blocks on right hand side of street. 7:00pm to 9:15 pm. $3 ... 1 or 2 courts mixed age's  , moderate competition. some old fat dudes also like 'SPIKE" ... (me) ... no pressure, if you're up that way stop by ....
  • 7-9 pm $5 w/ 3 courts White Bear North Campus November 4 - March 26 Wednesdays Skip Dates: March 11. Don't let the price and hours turn you away. Very friendly players (with the exception of some older folks). Enthusiastic group of younger students and adults that both come to learn how to play and/or know how to play. A very good range of skill levels.


  • 12-1 Shoreview Community Center, $7.50 admission ($6 res), [2]
  • 1-3 (or later) Inver Hills activities building, free. Ends in April. No membership required. 2 courts.[3]
  • 6-9 (sometimes until 11p) University of Minnesota Saint Paul Gym, $8. Volleyball has priority over basketball on one court (usually have to ask staff to put up net and kick bball players off). Level is highly variable. On the high end, A-BB, low end, C, rarely D. Unsure of hours/attendance when weather improves and during summer session at the U. (added 4/23/07)
  • 7-10pm Stillwater Junior High. During school year only. Use door next to loading dock on North side of building. Good level of play, B to BB. $5 (updated 10/2015)
  • 7:45-9:45 New Hope Community Center Gym (Attached to Cooper High School), one court; low level of play, $3. (Went there and noone showed up. Called New Hope Parks and Rec dept, and they haven't had open gym for "years."
  • 8-10pm Davis Community Center (Golden Valley), $4, varied level of play depending on participants same as TUESDAYS. 2015.
  • 6:30PM-10:00PM Robbinsdale Community Center, $5, Highest consistent level of play I've found so far. BB to A level play, once in a rare moon a D1 AA player will show up. Must be able to play at a BB level or you will be discriminated against. If you can run with these guys it's a lot of fun. Two courts, but usually only one is going at a time. Maybe 20 people show up on a decent night. Rarely there will be enough for 4 teams. (updated 8/2016)


  • 5:00p-dark At New Hope Civic Center - Rockford Road East off of 169 - turn left on Zealand Ave N - courts on cost to play. When it's warm out, we're playing (April - Sept)
  • 6:00p-dark At Maple Grove Community Center of of Weaver Lake Rd...Courts are located between Community Center and Cub Foods. for schedule



  • 7-11pm Champions Hall located at 7000 Washington Ave S, Eden Prairie. 4-5 courts to be set at women's height to accommodate reverse 4's or all women's play. 2 courts to be set at men's height for mixed 6's play. Cost is $8. Please bring your own volleyball. You can pay with your card. Cost is $5 for open gym, or $10 for open gym + 1hr of drills with a coach (7-8pm). (costs updated 10/2017)
  • 12-1 St. Paul (Skyway) YMCA, free to Y members (must have Y membership or be a guest) one court; fairly high level of play.
  • 7-11 Ralia Sports Center (Maple Grove), $6, four courts, all levels of play including reverse 4's (competitive) available. Note: As of September 2011, Ralia hosts tournaments every other Friday. Check website for open VB schedule: [4]
  • 8-10 Chaska Community Center [1] - Very low level players (C-D). If you are non-resident, the cost is $8.75.
  • 6:30-9 Brimhall Elementary School (Roseville), $5, three courts, intermediate and high levels of play available. First-come-first-serve.
  • 6pm - 9pm Phalen Recreation Center, $2, two courts (sometimes one), intermediate to high levels of play, winner plays on until loss.
  • 6pm - 9pm Johnson High School Gymnasium, FREE-- two courts, one for girls, one for guys. ***After calling the school - found out this is not every Friday (depending on school activities) AND is mainly for YOUTH!
  • 7pm - 11pm Northdale Middle School, $4, 11301 Dogwood St NW, Coon Rapids, Fall 2017 session will begin on September 15th. (Session pass is available for $35) Three courts. Limit of 63 players in the gym at any one time. Once limit is reached players must wait in hallway or return later in the evening. (Last year the limit was only reached on two occasions.)



◾ 8:00a-11:00a Central Middle School - Eden Prairie - $5/visit or buy a season pass, October-April

◾ 9a-12:30p Crystal (Forest School or the Community Center) Power, $5. 2015 UPDATED.

◾ 3-6 Apple Valley Community Center, $4, three sportcourts. tel- 952-953-2300. All levels, HOWEVER the left court is really cliquey. Unless you know someone or been playing there for years you aren't getting on that court. The middle and right courts are pretty good about letting people play though. UPDATED 2015.


  • 10a-? Lake Riley, pairs[5]
    • "There is a decent sized crowd, and really nice, that regularly plays 2's starting at 10am on Saturdays. However, Thursdays is hit or miss."



  • 5-11pm Bethel University, Arden Hills MN $5 But you have to call to make sure they are open. median-high level
  • 9a-12n Shoreview Community Center, $7.50 admission ($6 res), [2]
  • 1-3 Chaska Community Center [1]
  • 9am-12:30pm Eagan Community Center $3. 2 courts usually but 3 available when more players attend. FAMILY friendly, tel- 651-675-5550. All year round. Old guys get grumpy (kinda funny to watch!) but often good players join in and raise the level. Not bad for a Sunday morning.2015
  • 1-5 Crystal Community Center, $5, October-March only. No pre-set teams meaning that you WILL be separated from your friends, "NO PLAYING TOGETHER" LINK:[6]
  • 3-6 Apple Valley Community Center, $3, three courts, all levels; [7] 2015. Same as SATURDAY.
  • 7-10 Hopkins High School/Lindberg Center, $3, 3 courts of all levels (call ahead... the gym is used for tournements sometimes on sundays) No open volleyball in August. Need to call ahead 952-988-4519...Open volleyball schedule not always accurate. Played here recently and not many people came. Also, they only want to play with themselves and will go to great lengths to have it that way.
  • 8pm-10pm Andover Community Center, $2, 3 courts all levels (see schedule) $4 for non residents. low to median levels.
  • 2p-4pm - Van Cleve Community Center, Minneapolis, $4. call ahead for times and gym availability 612.370.4026. updated 9/1212
  • 1pm-3pm. Davis Community Center (Golden Valley) (see Schedule ), $5, varied level of play depending on participants. Starts week of sept 10th 2012. No play in summer.
  • 6:30-9:30 - River Falls. Public Montessori Elementary School gym. $1. Players of varying skill, but good overall.

•Arlington Hills Library 1pm-4pm w/ 2 courts $3. Variety of skill ranges.


  • 10a-4 Round Lake (Eden Prairie), Free (pairs games only)
  • 12-4 Round Lake (Eden Prairie), Free
  • 6:30 - Dusk Driftwood Park, New Brighton, (just west of Silver Lake Road on 5th St. NW) $2 fee covers use of bathrooms, water fountain, and a hose to wash off with - play generally in the B-C range, program runs through August (no ball on July 4th)
  • Evenings? Radisson Hotel (Plymouth) ??

Listings - Greater Minnesota

Please list these by region rather than by day-of-week.


  • Rochester: National Volleyball Center (see Schedule)
  • Prescott, WI, Mondays 7:30-10:00pm, Prescott Middle School, two courts, all play levels, free (612-366-4098)


  • Eveleth High School: (if you dont have facebook contact James by text only 218 329 2517) (wed)
  • Deer River: (if you dont have facebook contact James by text only 218 329 2517) (sun)
  • Chisholm: (summer) Mixed Sand Volleyball ((if you dont have facebook contact James by text only 218 329 2517) (thurs & sat)
  • Hibbing: Grace Lutheran church, near the movie theater (mon)
  • Carlton;Carlton High School on Wednesday nights from 7:45 to 10:00
  • Duluth; Monday and Thursday's are open at Lincoln Middle School in Duluth from 7-9
  • Proctor; Tuesday nights 7:pm in proctor at the field house at the high school.


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