This is a sequel to Minnie Throws a Tantrum.

Minnie : (sighs) I guess I'm not very good at stores. I didn't get Barney's Round and Round We Go! DVD and I didn't get that Madeline plush (plays "She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain When She Comes" song on the harmonica, then hears knocking on the jail door) Huh?

Alice: It's us, Minnie.

Wendy: We're here!

Mowgli: You're wide awake, Minnie.

Minnie: Is it the middle of night?

Pudge: Yes.

Mowgli: Yes, it's us! You're brothers Mowgli and Pudge.

Danny: And your friend Danny!

Minnie: Hi guys! I'm so happy you came for me!

Danny: Don't worry, Minnie! We'll get you out of here in no time at all!

Narrator: So Alice, Wendy, Mowgli, Pudge, and Danny help Minnie escape from jail and goes home with her friends and her brothers. Her mother Tiana was very happy to see her daughter back home again.

Tiana: Minnie!

Minnie: Mother! (hugs Tiana) Oh, mother! I thought I never came back home to you!

Tiana: My dear! I'm so happy you're home at last!

Minnie: Oh, I'm so glad to be home!

Narrator: And so, Minnie and Tiana are reunited and the mother and daughter, Alice, Wendy, Mowgli, Pudge, and Danny lived happily ever after.

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