There is, in addition to the United Earth Regime, League of Planets, Outworld Alliance, and Empire of Spectra, smaller, independent states in the solar system of Void of Earth's Solar System. One is the city occupying Copernicus Crater on Earth's moon Luna. It was established by treaty between the United Earth Regime and the League of Planets as a neutral territory where the Regime and League could promote diplomatic negotiations. The treaty was signed over 600 years ago. Copernicus Crater City is governed jointly by the Free Trader's and Religious Guilds (see politically neutral guilds) along with a democratically elected Citizen's Assembly of 100 members. Local political parties include local branches of the Regime's ruling Earth Political Union and parties operating in the League including the Federalist, Labor, and Lunar Parties. The moons of the planet Mars, Phobos and Deimos, were established by another Regime-League treaty as yet another independent, neutral state around 350 years ago. The Earth Political Union, and the League's Federalist, Labor, and Martian Parties compete in elections for the elected Free Moons Assembly, the democratic, ruling parliament of the two Martian moons. Deimos is headquarters for the Interplanetary Communications Corporation, and site of an area where the United Earth Regime, League of Planets, and Outworld Alliance hold diplomatic meetings. Naturally with religious leaders involvement in intergovernmental peace talks, the Religious Guild is also active on Deimos. Phobos is location of thriving, legal gambling and prostitution industries, and a place where people from the planet Mercury to the Empire of Spectra come for a visit for money and sex.

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