Mira Clay is the head of the Battle Brawlers Resistance and the love interest of Kyoya Tategami appearing in the Bakugan anime. She has orange hair and blue eyes. In the New Vestroia saga, her outfit is composed of:. In the Mechtanium Surge saga, her outfit is composed of: a white track jacket with blue stripes over a blue dress and white boots. She is voiced by Alyson Court (who gives her the same tone as Heather McCoy from The Red Ribbon). At her age, as of the Mechtanium Surge saga, she is 18 years old.


  • Professor Clay (Father)
  • Keith Clay (Brother)
  • Kyoya Tategami (Love Interest)


  1. Being cool to Kyoya
  2. Feeling popular
  3. Going for pro


  1. Her Brother's conquest
  2. Feeling silly
  3. Getting kicked out of the Battle Brawlers Resistance.

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