Mira Clay is the leader of the Resistance Brawlers appearing in the Bakugan series. She has orange hair and sapphire blue eyes. She wears a small silver jacket, blue earrings, a rouge jumpsuit with uneven sized boots and leggings, a yellow helmet with her matching motorcycle, and a locket with a picture of her brother inside. In her romantic date with Vinnie, her prom outfit consists of: a white sleeveless dress, white earrings and white high heels. When disguising as Jennifer Miller, her Jennifer Miller outfit consists of: a gray shirt with long sleeves, jean shorts, tan pantyhose and red high heels. In Please Teacher parties, her Mizuho Kazami outfit consists of: a light green long sleeved shirt under a red sleeveless shirt, black skirt, tan pantyhose and black high heels.


  • Professor Clay (Father)
  • Keith Clay (Older Brother)


  • Hanging out with Vinnie of The Biker Mice.
  • Doing ballet.
  • Playing with her guitar.


  • Her fear of Horse Flies.
  • Her bad chemicals.
  • Loud noise.

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