Miranda Kadohata was a Human female of Japanese and European descent who served in Starfleet in the 24th century. Though born born on Cestus III, she spoke with an English accent. She had at least one sister, Olwyn Kadohata.


Kadohata attended Starfleet Academy sometime prior to 2362. By 2363, she was billeted aboard the Template:USS as a Lieutenant, junior grade.

USS Enterprise-D

In 2364, she transferred to the Template:Class Template:USS, under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Kadohata was assigned to the sensor room, where she worked under the direct supervision of the ship's operations manager and second officer, Lieutenant Commander Data.

She continued to serve aboard the ship until it was destroyed by rogue Klingons at Veridian III.

USS Enterprise-E

After the destruction of the Enterprise in 2371, Kadohata was assigned aboard its replacement, the Template:Class Template:USS, again under the direct supervision of Lieutenant Commander Data and the ultimate command of Captain Picard. She served as relief operations manager when Data temporarily commanded the Enterprise during a mission to rescue Picard and Captain Benjamin Sisko on the planet B'Leva.

When Data was offered promotion to first officer of the Enterprise in 2379, he selected Kadohata as his successor as operations manager and second officer. She accepted, but took maternity leave before assuming her new duties. She returned to the Enterprise in early 2380.


During the Borg incursion later that year, Lieutenant Commander Kadohata felt compelled to lead a mutiny aboard the Enterprise in response to willful disobedience to orders on the part of Captain Picard and several other members of the Enterprise's senior staff. Though she briefly assumed command, Kadohata quickly deferred to Picard's judgment when the Enterprise came under Borg attack.

Following the battle, she declined to transfer from the ship, and instead accepted Captain Picard's offer to remain aboard. Shortly thereafter, she was promoted to full commander, presumably on Picard's recommendation.

Personal Life

While aboard the Firenze, Kadohata was romantically involved with the ship's flight controller, Lieutenant Ricardo Torres. Torres transferred to the Enterprise with Kadohata in 2364, but their relationship ended shortly after the ship's maiden mission to Deneb IV, during which Torres was badly shaken by encounter with the semi-omnipotent being known as Q. A number of other shipboard relationships followed for Kadohata, but all were short and ended badly.

She met her eventual husband, Vicenzo Farrenga, at a baseball game on Cestus III between the Port Shangri-La Seagulls, for whom Kadohata's sister played shortstop, and the Palombo Sehlats, whose general manager was Farrenga's father. They had a daughter, Aoki Farrenga, in 2374, and a pair of twins, Colin and Sylvana, in 2379.

Though she continued to serve aboard the Enterprise, her husband and children lived on Cestus. During the Borg crisis of early 2381, she urged them to leave Federation space, concerned for their safety in the face of the Borg invasion.

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