Miranda MacDonald and Clarissa Hudson are Mitchie's black-haired friends appearing in Accidentally Adventures. Miranda has black shoulder length hair with a purple extension and blue eyes and her main outfit is composed of: a light pink sleeveless shirt, a short blue skirt, black long-stockings and purple flats. Clarissa has black curly shoulder length hair and green eyes and her outfit is composed of: a dark red short sleeved shirt, a short lime green skirt, black long-stockings and red and white sneakers. Miranda is voiced by America Young (in a same tone as Betty Cooper from Archie's Weird Mysteries) while Clarissa is voiced by Kristen Schaal (in a same tone as Mabel Pines from Gravity Falls). At Miranda's age, she is 14 years old. At Clarissa's age, she is 14 years old.


Miranda's Family

  • Janice MacDonald (Mother)
  • Fonzie McDonald (Father)
  • Herbert Peterson (Love Interest)

Clarissa's Family

  • Tammy Hudson (Mother)
  • George Hudson (Father)
  • Robert Sanders (Love Interest)

What They Like

  1. Being nice to Herb and Rob
  2. Becoming long-stocking stars
  3. Leaning to her skills

What they dislike

  1. Getting caught red handed
  2. Bursting into fear
  3. Ruining everything

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