The Mirari Arc is the second major arc since the creation of Arcanis, it encompasses Yoketa's possession of the Mirari, aswell as the destruction the Mirari causes, both to Yoketa and those around him. While not the heaviest arc in terms of battles and events, it is the underlining factor to why Yoketa is what he is today and how the Abel Arc finished itself with the cursed artifact.

The basis of the arc was set in motion when Lowe Margas, the Academy's most experienced cleric, felt something unusual in the distant land of Shiv on the plane of Dominaria. For some reason or another, the white cleric came to Yoketa for aid. Seeing as how the mage was aligned with blue, artifact and knowledge basically came second nature to him. Quickly deciding to investigate, Yoketa followed Lowe onto his ship alongside his new apprentice at the time, Eritta Uza Wilacoth. (Eritta Domian at the time.)

For weeks they sailed towards the northen island of Shiv and the journey was uneventful aside from one major happening. One evening while Yoketa had grabbed a drink and decided to join the crew in their nightly party, it seemed that another one of the crew members had a different agenda. While Lowe was in Eritta's room, the girl quietly slipped out of the door while he was meditating and took a walk. During this time, a crew member decided to introduce himself in a forceful fashion. For some odd reason, Yoketa felt the disturbance in the air and went to investigate the feeling he was having. It was at this time that he was tackled by at least five other crew members. It seemed that the crew was working together since Yoketa learned from one of them that they were going to pay a visit to his apprentice. To add to it, the boat had a anti-mana aura around it so gathering mana was out of the question. Since Yoketa wasn't the strongest of men, he relied on a few simple illusions to cause the crew to become disorientated long enough so he could slip away. One crew mate however was well enough to engage Yoketa in a swordfight. Though Yoketa did achieve success in the battle, he was still struck with a blade. While Yoketa was detained, Lowe had managed to save Eritta. Once everything was said and done, Lowe gave Yoketa the pleasure of punishing the crew. While his apprentice killed one with a Terror once the aura on the ship was lifted, Yoketa had the rest to himself. 23 deaths occurred in the span of five minutes, the last one being finished brutally by the legendary dragon Kokusho, the Evening Star.

With barely having enough crew to pilot the boat, they made it to Shiv. It didn't take very long for Lowe to hone in on the mysterious Mirari readings he was feeling, seeing as he was a being made of the corrupted artifact's essence. With but a small search, the source was found in a small village. Karn, Silver Golem and his long time friend Jhoria were having a conversation within a small hut. Politely entering and introducing themselves, the three mages were offered a seat. Various discussions were made but it wasn't until Lowe was rendered unconscious by his transformation back to a human by the golem that Yoketa began the true conversation he desired. Without delay, he simply explained to Karn that Dominaria was dieing and Yoketa needed aid to save it for the Cabal's clutches. In short, he asked for the Mirari directly. Extremely hesitant at first, Karn declined. However, after a few choice words by both Yoketa and Jhoria, the golem caved. With but a simple will of his mind, a new Mirari was born right in front of Yoketa. Stunned just by its aura, Yoketa admired it for a few choice seconds before claiming the artifact for his own. Instantly the blue mage was consumed with his desires. Endless whispers of power, knowledge, and strength flooded his mind and affected his judgement. He clutched it tightly, would already go as far as dieing to keep it away from others.

After the creation, Lowe awoke from his unconsciousness to sense the power of the Mirari. While both Eritta, who had tried to talk Yoketa and Karn out of the creation almost the whole time, and Lowe argued to tell Yoketa to disarm himself of the artifact, Yoketa was quick to refuse. Not wanting to spend anymore time around Karn lest he change his mind, Yoketa decided it was time to leave. Lowe was sent back to the academy via a planeswalk from the golem which left Yoketa and Eritta alone to venture back to Jamuraa. It was at this time that Yoketa made a promise to his apprentice that he would never forget her or himself because of the power he now possessed. Making that clear, they began to venture back to the boat. They did not make it far however as hundreds of dragons filled the air, the call of the Mirari fueling their flight. With but a whim of the Mirari, Yoketa used it for the knowledge on how to defeat the dragons. He simply handed over the artifact and one by one each dragon perished as it grasped onto the artifact, killed by its own bretheren's desire. Once the last dragon died, Yoketa had the Mirari back in his possession. It was now that the price of the Mirari was clear, the memory of his apprentice Eritta, was gone.

To only make things worst, the Jereaz Brothers, Lucifer and Jeremytus visited Jamuraa as Messengers from the Cabal, where they made simple conversation, discussing possible agreements to ensure safety for both Nations. This was then when the Mirari whispered into the depths of Lucifer's mind, taunting him with what great power he could posses if he just reached out and snatched the Artifact from Yoketa. Lucifer considered this, but he couldn't do it alone, so he hesitated - the Mirari sensed this, and then called to Jeremytus as well, cooing for him to hold the Mirari in his arms. This was when the Jereaz Brothers struck Yoketa instantly, knocking the Mirari out of his arms and down the steps of the Capital Building, which all three of the Power-Crazed summoners scrambled after. Yoketa reached it first, then banished Jeremytus and Lucifer from Jamuraa by pain of death if they returned. Ryu then learned the news of the threat upon his most trusted companions - which did not help the weak bonds Jamuraa and Cabal held together.

Will be continued...

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