Mirrodin is a artificial plane within the multiverse of Magic: the Gathering. It was created by a Golem named Karn and it is comprised completely of metal. A artifact creature named Memnarch was constructed to watch over the planet while Karn was away. While watching the plane, Memnarch brought creatures from other planes to Mirrodin to inhabit it. These creatures became part metal themselves and lost all memory of the life they had up until the point they were brought to Mirrodin.

(to be continued)

Past Planes of AoM
Planar System(s): Syndicate System
Plane(s): Arcanis | Mirrodin | Terrestria | Focturna | Sahrahlas | Yorfallia | Avernus
Future Planes of AoM
Planar System(s): Chaos System
Plane(s): Furcht | Arcanis | Sahrahlas | Avernus

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