(b. GY16895/33083 CE d. GY17256/33444 CE) Manifold Legion General Executive Magister and Director of the Bureau of Imperial Affairs; Mirsh was a tall, stringy man of aristocratic bearing He was the son of an Imperial na-baron from a minor house of the Landsraad. He was a generally ineffectual strategist who relied heavily on the guidance of Senior Executive Paltwe Quram. His greatest strength was his connections at the Imperial Court and his formidable presence. He wore his leonine white hair pulled severely back and held its shoulder length by a bejeweled ring bearing the crest of his father’s house. The blue-within-blue eyes of the life-long spice user are half concealed by drooping eyelids that give him the appearance of worldly boredom but belie the shrewd and conniving mind of a diplomat.

Mirsh’s father used his influence to secure Dothan a berth in the annual candidate selection. Mirsh applied to the Legion in GY16914 and was accepted. The remainder of his life was lived on Concourse – the Manifold Legion universal headquarters. He was charted by the Executive Magisters for the diplomatic career track because of his connections at Court. Mirsh rose steadily through the diplomatic service ranks of the Legion. In GY16938 he was posted to Baalbeck as Magister-Consul. By GY16952 Mirsh was given a posting as Third Deputy Legate on the Legion Diplomatic staff reporting to the Legion ambassador to the Lion Throne and he succeeded Paltwe Quram as the ambassador in GY16970. He was appointed General Executive of the Legion diplomatic corps in GY16979, and when Quram was elevated to become Senior Executive Magister.

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