Names Over Head

I dont like the whole idea of names floating over a player's head as they walk toward you. Getting Rid of this will add to the fun of the game because players will be able to hide behind rocks, trees, etc...and NPCs can do the same.

Thats a cool idea. I think it would be cool to make a players name only come up with you click them. I have seen where whatever you target a player or NPC like a halo came around them. -Hogosha

Item Insurrance

An NPC insurrance salesman who can insure individual items from theft or loss at death. Not all items can be insurred. Bags and stackable items, for example, cannot be insured. When insurring an item, the player may choose to insure the item for a length of time or for a number of uses. For example:

  • A player purchaces an insurrance plan on a sword for 10 charges. The sword will be "blessed" or noobied until the tenth time that the player dies at which time the insurance plan expires.
  • A player purchaces an insurrance plan on a sword for 10 ingame days. The sword will be "blessed" for the 10 ingame days regardless of how many times the player dies durring that period.

NPC Magic Casters

With the rescripting of Magery, we will have to rescript magic casting NPCs so that they cast the correct spells.

Comical Bosses

I like role-play and think we should definitely keep the game close to lore and our story as possible, but I would also like to have a few instances of comic relief something funny in the game that the players would get and relate to. Like the rabbit that guarded the cave in Monty Python's The Holy Grail or the Matrix Cow from Kung-Pow. -Outlaw Star

  • comment I've always been a fan of the purple llama energy vortex myself...a "bug" in the original UO which turned out to not be a bug but an easter egg...

Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborn

Just something we should keep in mind. UO:KR will be comming out this spring (that's the plan anyway) and when it does, the client will be changed. We do not know how sphere will work with the client (if it works at all). The interface will be very very different and that being the case I am almost certain that the custom skill gump which i am creating will not work. If we do any animation/gump patching it is possible that these patches will not work either. We need to decide which is more important to us. The changes we have planned or the use of the new client. We could always run 2 servers: One custom Sphere with the ML client and one OSI-Like RunUO with the new client...but then we would be competeing with ourselves for players. No, I think one server should be the plan, but until Sphere makes some announcments about its compatability with the New Client I am unsure how much of our scripting and planning will be of any use at all. - Nacht

the UO:KR official web site

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