Flicker - A simple spell that turns whatever it is cast on into the equivalent of a small flashlight. It is most often used in cities such as Liyaan and Levant where glass balls placed in treet lamps are lit with it every evening by local mages employed by the cities.

Messege - A simple spell used to emulate the psionic telepathy of the Fey and Boreal races, it allows the caster to speak to others with his/her mind and to recieve their responses non-verbally as well. Mages are often caught attempting to use this spell to chat with eachother durring tests without being heard, it is for this reason that most Magic Academy Professors use the spell on themselves so that they can hear all conversations, both verbal and non. This spell however does not allow Eiflans to hear the telepathy of Fey or Boreal.

Movement - This spell mimics the Fey/Boreal Psionic ability to lift and move objects with the force of their minds. With this spell objects as large as an overland vehicle can be lifted and thrown, though it takes considerably more energy and concentration the larger the object is. This spell is used domestically for tasks that would normally require two people, such as holding up a dress while it is measured and sewn.

Timeshift - This spell can be used to raise the agility of the caster or to slow down or even stop opponents movements entirely. The spell can last up to an hour and if often used as a means to escape from an otherwise perilous situation.

Sleep - A simple spell that puts the opponent to sleep. It's range and power depends on the magical skill of the caster. Powerfull casters could theoretically put a small town to sleep. In domestic situations, this spell is an easy solution for insomniacs and the occational fussy infant.

Meteor - One of the strongest spells a mage can learn, requiring the mastery of all elemental spells and at least 15 years of experience as a Mage. This powerfull spell is restricted and only extremely experienced Mages can have access to it. The spell calls down flaming chunks of rock from outer space which plummet to Eifel and pummel the opponents of the caster. It does damage with both the Terran and Fire elements and is highly destructive. There are some who claim your eyes flash red a few times prior to the spells activation but this is purely rumour.

Teleport - This spell is used in two different ways. The first way is that it can be used to teleport the caster and/or the casters traveling companions, or any assortement of objects, to a location which the caster has sufficient knowledge of or has already been to. The second way this spell is utillized is by the creation of a permanent set of magic circles which teleport whomever steps on one of them automatically to the matching magic circle in another location. This particular implimentation is used to gain entry into the Magic Academy located off shore on Lake Ceria.

Divination - This spell is used almost exclusively on children. A Parent can hire a mage or a priest to cast the spell, which will tell them what if any magical abilities their child possesses. The spell is considered very usefull because it can tell the Parents weather their child possesses racial magic from a naturally magical parent, natural magic talent, or the 'Summoners Spark'.

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