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Welcome to the Mischievous Mike Wiki.

this is where you take a look at some of my Mischievous Mike Stories.

Mischievous Mike was Born and Raised by his Mom & Dad in January 7th, 1990 and when he was 2 years old, He learned Toilet Training, Talking and doing what he suppose to do but he doesn't know how to read or understand hard words because he haven't been to kindergarten yet. When he gets an Idea, He does something mischievous that's related to the Good Word.

For Example:

MOM: Mischievous Mike! Why do you tie your Friend Sam around the Flag Pole?!

MISCHIEVOUS MIKE: I want him as a Sam-Pole. (Sample)

Another Example is this. If mischievous mike Wraps a Flag around the Telephone Pole, He called it a "Teleflag". (Telefrag)

He has Started out in January 7th, 1992 as a 2-year old Boy in the Very First Episode.

Mischievous Mike Season 1


  1. Mischievous Mike Owns a Pet
  2. Mischievous Mike Gets Lunch
  3. Mischievous Mike Gets a Snack

There's Lots more Episodes Coming your Way Soon. So, Check back as Often as you could.

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