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Mischievous Mike Gets Lunch by mattbratt11

Mischievous Mike's Life Date for This Episode is January 14th, 1992

Mischievous Mike was Hungry. He asked mom if he is Hungry. She Said "I know you're Hungry Mischievous Mike, I forgot to buy Groceries. So, I'll be right back". So mom went out of the House and Mischievous Mike said...

I've got an Idea!

He goes Outside to grab Something that Neighbors have. Meanwhile, Mom went back home and she smelled something burning. "What is Mischievous Mike up to now?!" She Said as she went to the Kitchen and she sees mischievous mike Standing next to the Oven. Mom Said "Mischievous Mike! Why are you putting a Dog in the Oven?!". Mischievous Mike Said "I want to make a Hot Dog".


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