Mischievous Mike Gets a Snack by mattbratt11

Mischievous Mike's Life Date for This Episode is January 21st, 1992

Mischievous Mike is Hungry. He asked his mom if he was Hungry. She Said "I'll Tell you what Mike, You should Promise not to eat Hot Dogs. Okay?". Mischievous Mike said "Okay". His Mom said "Good. Now, I'm going Grocery Shopping and I'll be right back". And while she's gone, Mischievous mike says...

"I've Got an Idea!"

He went to the Garage to get some Tape and the String then gets something from the Neighbors' Yards. Meanwhile, Mom went back home and she sees Mischievous Mike with a Cat that had its Paws taped to a Stick which at the Pointy end was tied with String which at the end was Connected with the Hook inside the Fish Bowl. Mom screamed "Mischievous Mike! Why do you make a Cat Catch My Goldfish?!". Mischievous Mike said "I want to make a Catfish".


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