Mischievous Mike Owns a Pet by mattbratt11

Mischievous Mike's Life Date for This Episode is January 7th, 1992

After Mischievous Mike's 2nd Birthday, he would ask mom if he wants a present for himself. She Says "Mike, I'm going Grocery Shopping and I'll be Right Back." so, she went out and Mischievous Mike said...

"I've Got an Idea!"

Meanwhile, When Mom got home from Grocery Shopping, All of the Sudden, She hears the Licking Noise and the Dog Yelping. "What was Mischievous Mike up to?" she said as she ran to the Living Room and there was Mischievous Mike Licking the Dog Hair. Mom Said "Mischievous Mike! Why did you lick the Dog?!" Mischievous Mike said "You told me it was A Chocolate Lab. I think it taste like Chocolate."


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