Miss Harper McCormick is the History Teacher of Ash Ketchum and Sakura Avalon, the best friend of Miss Layla Mackenzie, the wife of Joey Wheeler, and the adoptive mother of Sara and Tony Goodman appearing in Wedding Peach, an anime made for DiC. Voiced by Kelly Sheridan (not Carly McKillip) at the age of 14, she has auburn hair and green eyes. In her civilian days, she wears a light purple long sleeved shirt, black miniskirt, tan pantyhose and brown sandals. While at Tomoeda Elementary, she wears a red long sleeved tuxedo with just a black tie, red miniskirt, tan pantyhose and black high heels


  1. Joey Wheeler (Husband)
  2. Serenity Wheeler (Sister-in-Law)
  3. Sara and Tony Goodman (Adoptive Children)
  4. Miss Layla Mackenzie (Best Friend)


  1. Being historical to Joey
  2. Working in History Class
  3. Striking a friendship with Miss Mackenzie


  1. Losing her career
  2. Being foul
  3. Doing bad things


  1. She is the History Teacher and best friend to Miss Mackenzie
  2. Because she is part of the staff, she knows it
  3. Like Miss Mackenzie, she has feelings for Ash Ketchum
  4. She has a habit in giving lessons to the class
  5. Melinda Glynn is the News Reporter for the broadcast
  6. Floria and Scarlet are an officer/nurse combo

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