Miss Jenny in CGI

Miss Jenny Packard is an Irish person featured in the Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends TV Series.

Miss Jenny is the manager of the Sodor Construction Company (aka the 'The Pack'), which consists of Jack, Alfie, Max, Ned, Kelly, Oliver, Isabella, Byron, Buster, Nelson, Monty, and Patrick. She gives them the jobs to do, and is disappointed when one of them jumps in and does other vehicles work. That's why her motto is "Don't Jump in Where you don't Belong" and "Safety First". Jack, the newest member of the Pack soon learned this. She runs the quarry efficiently with the help of the Quarry Foreman, and will most likely run the company for many years to come. Her father, Mr. Packard, first started the Construction Company, purchasing Kelly, the first and oldest Pack member.

Miss Jenny owns a black dog, and is only featured in 2 Season 6 episodes and the video 'On Site with Thomas', of which the Pack have only appeared in too. She is the first openly gay character in the series



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