Miss Naughty Knows Best is the third and final story of the 2nd episode of Season 10 of Friturtoons.


Little Miss Naughty takes visitors to the ruined crack-house, where drug dealers and drug users used to buy, sell, produce, and use illegal drugs, including, but not limited to, crack cocaine, until the government caught them. Miss Naughty wishes to be a drug dealer, as drug dealers and drug users illegally do that stuff. She decides to visit Gordon and Miss Sunshine in the shunting yard, just down the line from the crack house whilst waiting for the visitors to explore the crack house so a construction company would demolish it to build an Polynesia-themed indoor waterpark.

Gordon and Miss Sunshine are waiting to take away some trucks and balloons, and Miss Naughty decides to play a game by being "Drug Dealer for the Day". But, Gordon thinks that Miss Naughty's idea is silly/illegal, as she needs to be clever and know the right thing to do (playing pranks and causing trouble). Before leaving with his trucks, Gordon tells Miss Sunshine, if she needs help, to wait until he comes back. Not long after Gordon departs, Miss Sunshine is struggling to move her line of balloons. This gives Miss Naughty the perfect chance to prove that she knows best; she tells Miss Sunshine to take her trucks along the railroad tracks, which she does. However, Miss Naughty soon hears a crash in the distance and goes to investigate.

Miss Naughty realizes that by telling Miss Sunshine to go on the train tracks, she had crashed into Thomas who was on the tracks with Annie & Clarabel. Then Gordon crashes into the wreckage too, and Miss Naughty knows that she isn't as clever as she thought. With Gordon's advice, Miss Naughty gets the stationmaster at Edward Thomas station to call for help. Soon, Gordon and Miss Sunshine are back on the rails and road, though Miss Sunshine's left leg bone is badly damaged.  Ash Ketchum is upset with Miss Naughty for causing trouble, but Miss Naughty has learned her lesson; from now on, she will leave the "knowing the right thing" job to Gordon. Suddenly, Thomas hears a explosion from one of Gordon's boxcars, the "healing boxcar", releasing a wrecked 8886, who tumbles onto the road, causing a tow truck that was about to a car on the track to serve out of the way and crash into a nearby lake.

Then, 8886 is rebuilt using various parts from scrapped GP40-2's and SD40 2's, making him look like a mish-mash locomotive,

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