Miss Patricia Haruna is the wife of Mr. Marvin Redford, the teacher of Tai and Serena, and the adoptive mother of Jordin Hanson appearing in Sailor Moon. Voiced by Nadine Rabinovitch, she has red long hair, blue eyes and wears a green short sleeved shirt, green skirt, tan pantyhose and black high heels. At her age, she is 29 years old.


  • Mr. Marvin Redford (Husband)
  • Jordin Hanson (Adoptive Daughter)
  • Tai Kamiya and Serena Tsukino (Students)


  1. Liking for Mr. Marvin Redford
  2. Admiring Tai and Serena
  3. Looking forward to her break


  1. Seeing how Jordin fights with Lorelei
  2. Watching Mr. Redford yell at Andrew Clarkson
  3. Discovering how Serena sleeps in class


  1.  She is the teacher of Crossroads Junior High
  2.  Her hobby is to be in charge of students
  3.  Her voice actress, Nadine Rabinovtich, is also behind motherly roles
  4.  She is revealed to be more than friendly with other teachers
  5.  She can be as popular as ever
  6.  She is also behind her husband's attitude with Andrew

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