A "gay game" 2 player game in which a player completely still (breathing and blinking availiable (obviously)) and the other player then moves any part of the the 1st player's(subjective player) body even going as fa as to remove clothing. pictures are avalible unless the 1st player says restiction. if the 1st player doesnt comply he then has to to"default dares" which will all be explained.


Restrictions are almost all decided on the player except the rule on moving a player (i.e. if he were standing on a rock the 2nd player(effective player) moves him off). But not all player decisions are avalible.Some restrictions such as "pantsing" or "kegging" are not avalable for restriction for that would ruin the embarressment of the game.


the subjective can reverse the player discomfort by making the effective player do what he wants in sort of a "nervous game" way. Again restrictions can be placed but the are "no restrictions to the restriction ;)"


If either player discomplieces with the game(other than endusing pain or restrictions) the then have to do a "default dare" in which the player "picks their poison".

The discomplient player wil have to pick from three poisons: 'running' 'pants of dance of' 'ultimate gay'

Poison 1

The player will have to run through, around, in, or up something or place.......pantsless >=] if the player doesnt want to go someplace overly crowded of a place where they could get in trouble (i.e. mall, store and crwoded parking lot) they don't have to but WILL do it somewhere or pay the fee: $20.99

Poison 2

the player will strip nude or down to the underwear and dance to a song of the subjective player's choosing can and will be video taped and placed on youtube or anyother website. If the player doesnt want their face to be put on the web(including name) the the player can wear a mask. they don't have to but WILL pay the fee for not doing it: $20.99If the other player does put the name on web along with the vidoe or tell anyone of it then they have to do the pants of dance of or pay the fee.

Poison 3

the player will suck the dick or eat the pussy of the subjective player. Do it or pay the fee.

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