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The Missouri River Water Trail markup is actually uses 4 different types of markup. These are:

  1. RSS 2.0. Each feature on the trail is listed as an item.
  2. Georss. This provides the point in terms of latitude and longitude
  3. rec: The outdoor recreation markup. This provides info. common to 
     all outdoor recreation opportunities, such as:
         * rec:owner_type - What type of ownership is this?
               o Private
               o Government
         * rec:owner - name of the owner
         * rec:camping - What type of camping?
               o None (or leave tag out)
               o Improved
               o Primitive
         * rec:store - what type of store is there?
               o Convenience
         * rec:restrictions - A short sentence of any restrictions
         * rec:phone - A phone number for contact
         * rec:directions - A short sentence for driving directions
         * rec:lodging - Is there lodging (Yes/No)
         * rec:water - Is there a usable, drinkable water source? (Yes/No)
         * rec:restaurant - Is there a restaurant? (Yes/No)
         * rec:restroom - Is there a restroom (Yes/No)
  4. wt: Water trail markup. This provides information unique to water trails such as:
         * wt:trail - The name of the water trail the point is on
         * wt:bank - Is the point on the RL (river left) or RR (river right) as 
           you go downstream
         * wt:mile - What is the mile marker on the river for this point
         * wt:boat_ramp - Does it have a boat ramp (Yes/No)
         * wt:river_access - What type of access does it have?
               o Boat Ramp
  5. lt: Land trail markup. This provides information unique to land trails such as:
        1. lt:trail - The name of the land trail
        2. lt:mile - The mile marker for the land trail

Note the following:

  1. If a point of interest does not have a feature (like a restroom), the entry 
     can simply not have it in the mark up.
  2. The markup allows a place (for example, Coopers Landing) to have one RSS entry
     that contains both information about the water trail it is on and the land 
     trail it is on. The general recreational information (about water and lodging)
     can be used when getting information about Coopers Landing either as you’d   
     approach it from the Katy Trail or the Missouri River.

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