MistressofDawn (AKA MoD, Dawn, or Mistress) is an Author Fighter who can transform to a werewolf. She is voiced by Hayden Panettiere (Claire from Heroes)


MistressofDawn is average height (around 5'0) with chestnut brown hair that reaches her shoulders and chin-length bangs. Her eyes are sky blue and her skin is a light tan color. Across her right cheek is four scars and over her upper body is also scars from a fight with Silencer. She wears a violet long-sleeve shirt with a blue jean vest over top of it; blue flare jeans with a black belt; black tennis shoes; a pendant she calls Moon's Eye; and a pair of black sunglasses.

When she is a werewolf, her fur is chestnut brown and her eye color is amber-like. She is a rather large wolf that can stand on her hind legs, and her front paws are shaped human-like, but are claws.


Dawn has a kind and caring personality, despite being a werewolf. She can be quite sarcastic sometimes, and she seems to be happy a lot (though she wasn't so happy when she first joined the team). However, when it comes to being a werewolf, she sometimes gets self-conscious about it and keeps her distant with others. She is also protective over her friends, and can be somewhat gullible. She hates that she is a werewolf and would voice it whenever the subject is brought up. If anyone mentions her werewolf powers to anyone, she snaps off at them and keeps her distance from them. She can also be a little impulsive and get angry quickly. She also feels very guilty when a friend of hers is hurt due to something related to her.


Can transform into a werewolf during the lunar cycle (three nights when the full moon is out). When human, she retains the speed, hearing, smell, and strength of her werewolf form; which she uses as self-defense if she is attacked.

In The Howling, Jiro created a blue-fur wolf puppy called Wolzar after he and Roscoso searched for a puppy to turn into a Wolfen-like puppy. If he nips Dawn's arm, he turns into a belt and she becomes Kamen Rider Garulu, a female version of Kiva's Garulu form (yet it looks more like a Wolfen). She wields a Garulu Saber and her finisher is the same as Kiva's:

Garulu Bite- The mouth piece of her helmet opens and she places her saber in her mouth, doing a powerful overhead slash.


Moon's Eye- A pendant that is a black pearl on a very sturdy string. It is known as Moon's Eye due to the "eclipse" look it has when one looks close at it and see it look like an eclipse.


Dawn was born and raised in New York City. Her childhood was normal as she had a good life with her parents; then at the age of three, her father gave her a pendant that had a black pearl on a very sturdy string. When she turned eleven however, she was kidnapped by an unknown witch doctor along with another person and was given the ability to transform into a werewolf; she could never get full control over her form since she never accepted that part of her. Her parents had tried to help her out, but for the seven years, she was in complete agony. During that time, she kept her distance from others in fear that she would hurt them or they would freak out because of her problem. For the ones that did learn, they shunned her and treated her like a monster; something that is still attach to her. At the age of sixteen, she was out one night as a werewolf, and was attacked by the other werewolf that went by the name of Silencer. She managed to escape, but she had scars decorating her body. It was hard to hide her secret from others because of them and then, decided to leave home a year later.

She then lived in a forest in Canada, away from human society. When she first arrived there, she gotten very sick (hypothermia) and collapsed. An old hermit woman named Abigail, who had two wolves named Lunar and Remus, found her and took her in. After getting better, Dawn stayed with her for a year, feeling safe with her. Then, she learned of the Author Fighters and left Canada for Los Angeles. But, she was reluctant to tell them about her "state" until they learned about it. When they did, she nearly left, but they convinced her to stay. She still keeps her distance away from them during the full moon, even though they try to help her out.


Author Fighters

TLSoulDude- The first friend she made when she joined the Author Fighters, along with his brothers and Nukid. The two get along very well, but it is hard for her to go to him for advise or opinions on some things.

Dimensiondude- The first friend she made when she joined the Author Fighters, along with his brothers and Nukid. They understand each other to an extent and are good friends, but she is not afraid to confront him when he does something wrong to the other members.

Lunatic121- The first friend she made when she joined the Author Fighters, along with his brothers and Nukid. He loves to tease and pull pranks on her, which she does back. She thinks of him as a little brother, but can get annoyed easily with him.

Nukid- The first friend she made when she joined the Author Fighters, along with the Fictor brothers. They consider each other brother and sister since he is very protective over her, and one would stand up for the other if need be.

Hurricane's Quill- The two became acquaintances at first, merely working together. Then, they later became friends as they helped each other with their personal problems. The relationship grew to where they briefly dated, but Dawn broke it off when realizing that she loved him like a brother. While distance from each other for a while, she still tried to help him out. They became strain momentarily when she began to grow feelings for Jiro of the Monster Arms, and felt that Quill didn't trust her to make the right choice while he was hurt that she didn't choose him. Once they finally talked peacefully (albeit after causing some trouble), the friendship - now sibling-like - was renewed completely.

Phoenix of the Darkness- Consider each other best friends and share the same trait of low self-confidence.

shadowDJ- Found him an annoyance at first, but later became friends with him.

Roscoso- After she nearly left the team, they began to hang out together and became good friends, understanding what it meant to be treated as monsters. He was the one to introduce her to the Monster Arms and was the first one to think of her living in Castle Doran with them and becoming a Kamen Rider.

Kitten-Hachi-Chan- Treats her like a little sister and helps her out if she loses control over her dragon powers.

X Prodigy- Both are sibling-like and love to humiliate each other.

The Darkness Shroud

Jill Valentine- The Second-in-Command of The Darkness Shroud. The two have a near sister-like relationship and Jill helps her out when she is doubting. In The Howling, Dawn bit her when she transformed, causing her to have werewolf powers. She was mortified at her actions and kept her distance from others for a while. Later, Jill reassured her that she was fine and she didn't blame Dawn.

Galen Marek- The Strategist of The Darkness Shroud. The two get along well, and Galen helps out with the decision making.

Mai- The Assassin of The Darkness Shroud. The two aren't really close friends, but will watch over each other in battles or arguments.

Axel- The Spy of The Darkness Shroud. Good friends, but Dawn gets annoyed with him at his antics, like him showing up unexpected.

Atton Rand- The Pilot of The Darkness Shroud. While she respects his fighting and piloting (to a point) skills, she gets annoyed easily with him.

T3-M4- The Technician of The Darkness Shroud. Dawn adores the astromech droid and trusts him to keep an eye on things with the other members, particularly with Atton and Axel.

Raven- The Mage of The Darkness Shroud. Dawn and Raven aren't good friends, but they understand each other to a point and respect each other.

Hotaru AKA Sailor Saturn- The Healer of The Darkness Shroud. Treats her like a little sister and the two understand each other about loss of control with their powers and rejection.

Zuko- The Firebender of The Darkness Shroud. They do not get along well, but will push their dislike for each other away for the mission.

Colossus- The Muscle of The Darkness Shroud. They get along fine with each other, knowing the value of family.

Sherry and Brago- The Dark Duo of The Darkness Shroud. Dawn didn't get along with them at first, but they soon earn each other's respects when Dawn promised Sherry to save Koko.

The Monster Arms

Jiro- The Wolfen and Dawn's love interest. When they first met, there was some dislike toward each other, but it only escalated to a rivalry. Jiro didn't trust her much at first, but she slowly began to prove it as she helped out Ross. When he learned that she was a werewolf, it gained his interest about her. Then, during the events of The Howling, they became friends, starting with them talking a bit of their pasts. It wasn't long after that moment that a romantic relationship formed between the two. They still have a fierce rivalry going on, but it is now not so bad like before.

Ramon- The Merman. He was the first one that Dawn became friends with and he helped her become friends with at least Riki. She thinks of him as a little brother, but pull pranks on him like he does with her.

Riki- The Franken. Like Jiro, the two didn't become friends at first. However, Ramon helped out with that. Like Ramon, Dawn thinks of him as an older brother and wishes that he could give her cooking lessons after falling in love with his cooking.


Abigail- An old hermit woman that lived alone in the forest of Canada with her two wolves, Lunar and Remus. She was the one who took Dawn in and took care of her. She would share tea with her and give her advise, though she can be quiet stern at times.

Personal Quotes

"Hey, I'm a werewolf. Of course I would eat my meat raw!"

"In truth, I am a monster. I've killed people as a werewolf without remorse; even though I have no control over myself."

"Oh crap...I am screwed."

"Hey Quill, what took you so long?"

"Remind me again why I let you shoot me?"

"Nukid, don't you DARE try to castrate Jiro! I still haven't forgiven you for trying to castrate Quill!"

"You...IDIOT! Do you have ANY idea what you've done?! Oh no...where's Jiro?!"

"So much for a peaceful meeting."

"Nukid, will you STOP being a typical overprotective male!?"

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