Misty Riga is a Flash cartoon and live action series created by students at the University of Bradford, although not endorsed by the institution in any way.


Misty Riga went live on Google Video on 10 March 2006, with Misty Riga 2 following on 18 May 2006. Misty Riga III was the next installment, going live on 25 September 2006. Now there is Misty Riga Four, completed on 7 November 2006,

A fifth Misty Riga is now being made with initial plans to make it a 'Inter-university Christmas special.' This has now been confirmed as being a special episode celebrating a year of Misty Riga, known as "Misty Riga 5, Episode IV; The Revenge of The Phantom Christams Flange (Anniversary Edition)", a parody of the Star Wars films' titles.

The Misty Rigans are (as of 23 January 2007):

Ben Garner,Oli Taylor, Dom Smith, Dave Woolley, Jason "New Guy" Chadwick, Matt "Ginsters" Wood, James Trim, Ben "Trent" Turner, Chris Kolonko, Edmund Patrick, Andy Webb, Kerri Brown, Dave Laurence, Rich Napper, Edward "Ginger Alex" Mensforth, Mat, Crystal Antink, Rob Grant, Pete Sims, Jim Russle, Natasha, James Condry, Vicky Campbell, Steven Hattersley, Liz Castle & Madeleine Sargent.

As of November 22, 2006 Misty Riga is now affiliated with the United States-based Yanma Bomb (Underground TeleVision)). Yanma Bomb is also an internet TV show, based in Scotch Plains, New Jersey, and shares a similar "scratch video" style.

Episode summaries

Misty Riga

  • Release date: March 10, 2006
  • Running time: 10:58
  • Characters: Stephen Hawking, Noel Edmonds, Macgyver, Captain Cheesespoon, Armin Schmidt
  • ‘Official blurb’: “Random compodium of silliness by some students at the University of Bradford. Including MacGyver, Stephen Hawking, Deal or No Deal, Noel Edmonds' House Party, Saving Private TRIM, stupid pilots and much much more!”

Misty Riga 2

  • Release date: May 18, 2006
  • Running time: 13:03
  • Characters: Big Chin Man, Ed Patrick and Matt Wood in viking and knight costumes respectively
  • ‘Official blurb’ : “At long last, the second installment of the random compodium of silliness by some students at the University of Bradford. Including a medieval duel, X-Men, a fake wall, superhero Big Chin Man and much much more!”

Misty Riga III

  • Release date: September 25, 2006
  • Running time: 21:02
  • Characters: Noel Edmonds, Fruit 'n Fibre, Planrock
  • ‘Official blurb’ : “Its here! The video you've been waiting for all summer!! Yes, thats right, Misty Riga III!!!!! The supposedly world wide version of the Misty Riga series has been scaled down to some islands off the Scottish coast and some pictures of Italy and various UK towns and cities, but even this doesn't spoil the majesty of a few students from Bradford messing with animation and cameras! Featuring Noel Edmonds yet again, a box of Fruit 'n Fibre, Infernal and Pete's Mum!”

Misty Riga Four

  • Release date: November 7, 2006
  • Running time: 12:53
  • Characters: Chesney Hawkes, Ed Patrick and Matt Wood in costume as in Misty Riga 2, Sir Trevor McDonald, Planrock, Jesus, Armin Schmidt
  • ‘Official blurb’ : “The 4th edition of the Misty Riga series by students at the University of Bradford, with guest star appearance from none other than Chesney "I am the One and Only" Hawkes! Thats right, Chesney Hawkes! Also appearing in this spectacular edition: Knight trolley jousting; Original songs wriiten by our very own Chris Kolonko; A new theory about Jesus and The Last Supper; Cross dressing, Sir Trevor McDonald, The Crystal Maze and much much more!”

Misty Riga 5, Episode IV; The Revenge of The Phantom Christmas Flange (Anniversary Edition)

  • Release date: March 2007
  • Running time: Unknown
  • Characters: Unknown
  • ‘Official blurb’: "It has been confirmed that Misty Riga 5 will be.........................The Inter-university Christmas special!!!!!!!!!!

Hopefully this will be completed in time for Xmas, and what of this inter-university malarky we hear you asking? Well, this is where you, the non Misty Rigans get to become a part of the Misty Riga phenonomen! We are aiming to get at least some parts of Misty Riga 5, The The Inter-university Christmas special done by other willing participents at other universities apart from Bradford. Please email/leave a comment if you are interested, all you need to do is film something/animate something, have an idea, anything! The only problem is the art of sending it to us in Bradford, so any ideas of how to do this are appreciated"

The given Christmas 2006 deadline has now passed, and Misty Riga 5 is now thought to be being planned as an anniversary special, thus a release date at the start of March 2007 is expected: "Misty Riga 5 is now officially known as Misty Riga 5, Episode IV; The Revenge of the Phantom Christmas Flange (Annivesary Edition)"


On November 22 2006 it was announced that Misty Riga has entered into a partnership with a similar show from America known as Yanma Bomb: Underground Television!

  • ‘Official blurb’: "Well, at least one person answered our call for getting Misty Riga to a wider audience, and as a result we are proud to be affiliated with Yanma Bomb: Underground Television! Hopefully this will turn into a great relationship with our stateside friends, so we urge you to go check out Yanma Bomb".

This website has now been removed as of January 2007.

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