Mitchie's High Silk Socks is a Netflix Spoof to Larry's High Silk Hat. It is sung by Mitchie O'Hara and Julie Kane as Larry and Archibald. Among the cast as Lisa and Lina Beauchard (both voiced by Kari Wahlgren) as The French Peas, Miss Clara Skullnick as Mr. Art Bigotti, Marci McFist as Mr. Nezzer, Principal Larry as Miss Achmetha, Tambry Trenton as Apollo Gourd, Riley Daring as Bob The Tomato, and Kendall Perkins as Scallion 1.


  1. Mitchie O'Hara (Stephanie Morgenstern)
  2. Julie Kane (Kate Miccuci)
  3. Lisa and Lina Beauchard (Kari Wahlgren)
  4. Miss Clara Skullnick (???)
  5. Marci McFist (April Stewart)
  6. Principal Larry (???)
  7. Tambry Trenton (Jessica DiCicco)
  8. Riley Daring (Grey DeLisle)
  9. Kendall Perkins (Emily Osment)


  • (We open this music video with Pooh about to narrate the song)
  • Pooh: And now, it's time for Silly Songs on Disney, the part of the show...
  • Julie: Stop! Stop! Don't even think about it! As if Omlet wasn't bad enough. Ahem. Lisa and Lina!
  • Lisa and Lina: Oui!
  • Narrator: Uhh... Ahem. And now it is time for Classy Songs with Mitchie, the part of the show where Mitchie comes out and sings a classy song.
  • Julie: (sings) One day, while she was waiting for the trolly, she had socks.
  • Mitchie: My high silk socks.
  • Julie: She wore them high upon her feet so proudly, beautiful socks.
  • Mitchie: My high silk socks.
  • Julie: Socks like this just makes her feel so grandly. Now fancy this and fancy that. The splendor of her socks in all its majesty.
  • Mitchie: Like a queen, in a royal cap! I feel so swell and beautiful in my socks. I bet that others wish they had in fact -
  • Mitchie and Julie: Socks as this, socks as that, socks so high, socks silk hat!
  • Mitchie: Oh, Miss Clara Skullnick, now whaddya think of that?
  • Julie: Now her socks was not all she wore so proudly, I must in fact share more than that. For upon her lap there sat a treat so fondly, of chocolate this -
  • Mitchie: And chocolate that.
  • Julie: Deliciousness that makes him feel so dandy, a chocolate bliss.
  • Mitchie: A chocolate snack.
  • Chorus: Confections such as these are more than candy, so one might buy a box of that.
  • Mitchie: I have my chocolate placed upon my lap. I feel so good you just cannot help that. I have my snack, a chocolate pack of chocolate this and chocolate that! Oh golly, Julie Kane, now whaddya think of that?
  • Julie: Now time was passing and the sun grew hotter upon his hat -
  • Chorus: And chocolate snack.
  • Julie: So beneath her socks she thought and pondered:
  • Mitchie: What should I do to save my socks?
  • Julie: She thought and contemplated as she perspired, beneath her socks -
  • Chorus: Upon her snack.
  • Julie: She feared her chocolate treats would soon retire into a pool.
  • Chorus: A chocolate vat.
  • Mitchie: I won't feel grand if I take off my socks. The sun's gettin' hot and my hat just might go flat. My socks, it might go flat, and my sweets will melt like that! Oh, hurry mister trolly, before my dapperness goes flat.
  • Julie: She decided to forgo his looks so dashing to save her socks -
  • Janna: And little snack!
  • Julie: So she placed the treats upon the seat beside her -
  • Lexi: And put her socks on top of that.
  • Mitchie: Oh please.
  • Chorus: Oh please, oh please!
  • Mitchie: Don't anybody sit close to me, upon my socks. I ask if all of you could be so kindly and just stand back, away from my snack!
  • (King Twistimer sits on Mitchie's socks and chocolates.)
  • Mitchie: A great big squash just sat upon my socks! A great big squash just squished my socks real flat! He squashed my socks, he made it flat, he squished my snack, oh what of that?! Oh, tell me, anybody, now whaddya think of that?
  • All: A great big squash just sat upon her socks! A great big enormous squash squished her socks real flat! He squashed her socks, he made it flat, he squished his snack, oh what of that!
  • (The trolly arrives and all get on except Mitchie. Kendall walks up.)
  • Mitchie: Oh, golly! Uh, what's your name?
  • Kendall: They've never given me a name. I've been around since show 1 and I still don't have a name!
  • Narrator: This has been Classy Songs with Mitchie. Tune in next time to hear Mitchie sing:
  • Mitchie: Now whaddya think of that?

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