Mitchie O'Hara is one of Amy Flowers' best friends, the daughter of Alicia and Raymond, the love interest of Scott Lawton, the best friend of Amethyst Giger and the biggest fanatic of Brody Brooks III appearing in Accidentally Adventures. Voiced by Stephanie Morgenstern, she has short black hair, black eyes and wears a dark purple long sleeved shirt, pink miniskirt, black longstockings and green dress shoes. At her age, she is 13 years old.


  1. Alicia and Raymond O'Hara (Parents)
  2. Annabelle and Theodore O'Hara (Aunt and Uncle)
  3. Kira and Angie O'Hara (Sisters)
  4. Kelsey O'Hara (Cousin)
  5. Lola (Pet Cat)
  6. Scott Lawton (Love Interest)
  7. Brody Brooks (Worst Nightmare)


  1. Liking for Scott
  2. Being friends with Amethyst
  3. Listening to mariachi music


  1. Being admired by Brody
  2. Her rivalry with Denise
  3. Getting tormented by Kira

List of Five Things that Brody Brooks admired her

  1. Going on a date with her
  2. Giving her flowers
  3. Marrying her
  4. Dancing along with her
  5. Asking her to be his guest


  1. She is voiced by the same actress who did Yin from Yin Yang Yo!
  2. She is an expert in Mariachi
  3. Scott is one of the boys whom she has feelings for
  4. She can be easy at some times
  5. Her only pet cat is Lola (who has black fur)
  6. Kira and Angie are her only two sisters.

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