Mitchie Ohara is the main protagonist of the 2000 Disney Channel show: The Accidentally Series, which is from Klasky Csupo. She has short black hair and black eyes. Her outfit (as shown on the cover of the Candy Apple Book called Accidentally Famous) consists of: a yellow shirt with long sleeves, brown pants and black and white sneakers. When ice skating, her ice skater outfit consists of: a yellow ice skating sleeveless dress and white skates. In her Skills USA therapy for shoeless girls, her skills USA uniform (without the black high heels) consists of:. When doing gymnastics, her Ashley Morrison outfit consists of:. When sleeping at nighttime, her pajamas consist of:. In her wedding with Scott, her wedding outfit consists of: a wedding veil, a white sleeveless wedding gown, white earrings, white gloves and white high heels.


  • Alicia Ohara (Mother)
  • Ray Ohara (Father)
  • Angie Ohara (Younger Sister)
  • Kira Ohara (Older Sister)
  • Scott Jones (Husband)
  •  ??? (Son)


  • Hanging out with Scott Jones.
  • Having her big decision.
  • Doing karaoke.


  • Her rivalry with Lucy Anderson.
  • Her bad dreams.
  • Her fear of bees.

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