Mizu is Fiark's friend and Hutz's Partner.


Season 1

Fiark's Hotel

Mizu's first scene is inside Fiark's house. She rushes in, and Fiark think she's one of the Black Army. He calls her a monster, and she enrages and launches a big tsunami against Fiark. The tsunami destroys the house, so they must travel to Fiark's hotel to hide. Later that day, Hutz and Mizu notice that Fiark is in battle whit Rock (Colors!), one of the Black Army. They help him fight, and Rock gives up and flees. They can't feel safe there so they travel to the mountains.

The Mountains

Fiark, Hutz and Mizu travels to the mountains and meets Kain, the 6th Leader in the Black Army and fights. Kain is about to launch his strongest jutsu, so the have to escape and run up to the mountain top, where they have to fight the 5th Leuge, whit the leader Axe-Raxe. Mizu first fights Sumo(Sumo Color), and later kills him. The next battle is against Monster(Monster Color), the 5th Next-Leader. He dies, so Mizu helps Hutz fight Skilla(Zombie Color), an Elite of the 5th Leuge. Fiark tells Mizu to get Hutz and run out of the place. Mizu and Hutz flees away. When they comes back Fiark, Black Army and everyone is gone. Hutz and Mizu leaves for 1 year and comes back to the Fiark Hotel.

Season 2


Hutz and Mizu comes back to the Fiark Hotel. Fiark, Hutz and Mizu sets off to the deserts, to rescue Rock from Kain's hand.

Kain's Mansion

They start their battle inside Kain's Mansion in the deserts. Mizu fight against Bitt(Data Color), one of Kain's Elites. She kills him and later help's Hutz and Rock in the battle against Miko(Sand Color), Kain's best Elite. After that, Hutz and Mizu have to battle Kain's son and daughter and they win. Another victory goes for the Color Heroes.


Mizu's powers is the Water Color. She can make clones and weapons and walls of water. Her signature moves are the Mizu Tsunami and the Mizu Hebi Jutsu.

Major Battles

  • Rock (Colors!)
  • Black's Army
  • Sumo
  • Monster
  • Skilla
  • Kain's Army
  • Bitt
  • Miko
  • Lucy and Luca

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