Corona frigate

Mjolnir, flagship of the Dominion navy

The Mjolnir was built around the hull design of a Corona-class Frigate, one of the vessels from the New Republic's New Fleet program. It was an escort for the slowly outdating Phasma for two years before entering service as the chosen Flagship of the Navy, flying the Lord's private banner and so finally taking over the position that the Phasma once held. It wasn't as big as the first flagship, being a mere mile long, but it surely had both the arsenal and carrier abilities that the Phasma had before it. As additions to the old Dungeon Ship, the hyperdrives were faster, the ion drives more powerful, shields stronger and crew size way more smaller. The disadvantage it had was that if it was to do an assault on a planet, it would need other ships also as it didn't have enought troops within itself for such a massive operation. Of course, most of the troops onboard were elite marines, so it would still be well defended against boarding attempts

The most mysterious thing about the vessel is that there is one whole level of it that is sealed off from everyone except the highest ranking personnel in the entire Armed Forces and specially built droids. It is known that it is not a sanctuary for the Lord, taking he has his garden one again ontop of the bridge, but rumours have risen when it was leaked to the press that the Dominion had been researching component lasers, which were the same devastating weapon that the Old Republic and the Empire used in LAAT crafts and superweapons respectively. It has not been confirmed by anyone, but it is possible and very much rumoured that the Mjolnir has been armed with a strong composite laser that would be capable of even more destruction than it's predecessor, the Phasma, could do

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