Mora Nara


Silver Charge

A fellow Demonyze, he and Mora get along fairly well

Konoma Hikanaru

A human girl that has a crush on Mora, she can be serious and strong willed when she needs to be. She was the one who snapped Mora out of his rampage following her capture. She is also the future mother of Mora's children.



  • Is bilingual, being able to speak both American and Japanese.
  • Had a multiple personality disorder (schizophrenia)
  • Is in a Harem (Yuka, Konoma, Seirra, and Cherry.)
  • Can easily be disoreinted by both loud and high-pitch noises(screaming, yelling, sirens ect.)
  • Will kill his own team-mates in an instant if they betray and/or kill another team-mate.
  • His vectors are around everyone in a room with him in it.
  • can eat his own weight in food. (that's 130 lbs worth of food)
  • Is about 6'5
  • His first kiss was with Yuka

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