Moaning Jodelle Blues is the fourth track of The COZI Superstars Sing The Blues which is covered by Jodelle Kaye (from Once Upon A Teenage Lifetime). This is the first time where Patrick Kaye is married to Samantha Kaye.


  • Jodelle has a serious case of the blues, much to Megan, Panini, Samantha and Patrick's surprise. She sings Moaning Jodelle Blues to show her affection. After the song ends, Hanna shows up and tells Jodelle that she has to get to school before then and she agrees to hear it.


  1. Jodelle Kaye (Janice Kawaye)
  2. Megan Kaye (Candi Milo)
  3. Panini Kaye (Stephanie Morgenstern)
  4. Samantha Kaye (Kari Wahlgren)
  5. Patrick Kaye (Dee Bradley Baker)
  6. Hanna Morrison (Elizabeth Daily)

Transcript and Lyrics

  • (We open this music video with Principal Garrett Roberts announcing it)
  • Principal Roberts: And now, it's time for the fourth track of The COZI Superstars Sing The Blues, the part of the show where my friends and I come out and sing a Simpson Song. It's a beautiful day at Bellsworth, but something is not right about Jodelle Kaye herself.
  • (Jodelle is in her room, singing Moaning Jodelle Blues)
  • Jodelle: (singing) I've got a bratty sister who bugs me every day. And this morning, my own mother, Gave my last cupcake away. My dad, he acts like he belongs, Like he belongs in the zoo. I'm the saddest kid Saddest kid in grade number two. I wish I had a pony, I wish I were 18, I wish I had a dime For every kid who treats me mean. They tease me cuz I'm different, Little different from the rest. Oh, yes. Well, I'm down so low, If I cheered up, I'd still be depressed. The saxophone's my best friend, I play all over town. But when I practice in my room, I hear...
  • Patrick: JODELLE, KEEP IT DOWN!!!
  • Jodelle: Although I'm only 13 years old, I've really paid my dues. It's true. That's why I got a case of, A case of the Moanin' Jodelle Blues!
  • (Joe Walsh plays a solo)
  • Jodelle: I wonder how I got here, I wonder what I'll be. The saddest little twig On this crazy family tree. I feel like I'm a loser With nothing left to lose. That's why I've got a case of, A case of the Moanin' Jodelle Blues! Oh, there's just no postponin' A case of the Moanin' Jodelle Blues!
  • (Jodelle blows her horn, John Sebastian blows a harp solo, then Jodelle blows again until fade)
  • (Moaning Jodelle Blues ends)
  • Jodelle: Whew. I'm not so feeling well at all!
  • Megan: Hey, Jodie! You're not going to school today, huh?
  • Panini: Well, I don't like to go on a kindergarten bug hunt!
  • Jodelle: Please give me a break.
  • Principal Roberts: This has been the fourth track of The COZI Superstars Sing The Blues. Stay tuned for the next track.
  • (End of music video)

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