Moaning Mitchie Blues is a Netflix Toons Sings The Blues spoof to Moaning Lisa Blues. It is sung by Mitchie O'Hara.


  • Having slipped on her Skills USA uniform with nude pantyhose under her black miniskirt, Mitchie is feeling all blue. Kira, who is in a rock star punk outfit, and Angie, who is wearing a pink tutu, tell her to hurry up, only to have her explain that she's got the Moaning Mitchie Blues, much to Alicia, Raymond and Aunt Annabelle's chagrin. After the song comes to an end, Lola, Mitchie's pet cat, arrives with her high heels, and then Mitchie puts them on her feet and she hurries off for Yvette and Jocelyn's Office department. This is the only music video where Amy, Kiwi, Fiona, Jenelle, Lucia, Marley, Elise, and Lorelei do not appear.


  1. Mitchie O'Hara (Stephanie Morgenstern)
  2. Kira O'Hara (Jennifer Hale)
  3. Angie O'Hara (Eden Sher)
  4. Alicia O'Hara (Janyse Jaud)
  5. Raymond O'Hara (Tom Kane)
  6. Aunt Annabelle O'Hara (Kelly Sheridan)
  7. Lola (Katie Griffin)


  • (We open this music video at the O'Hara house)
  • (Mitchie is inside her room, wearing her Skills USA uniform with nude pantyhose under her black miniskirt)
  • Mitchie: (feeling blue) Man, I can't go to work without my high heels!
  • (Kira and Angie are outside the door, waiting impatiently for Mitchie)
  • Kira: Mitchie, would you please hurry up?!
  • Angie: We're going to be late!
  • Mitchie: Why should I? All I have are these blues, and I can't allow it!
  • Alicia: Well, I should be in court as a judge.
  • Raymond: And I'm supposed to go to the Allington Power Plant.
  • Aunt Annabelle: You must find your high heels quickly.
  • Mitchie: Don't ask me, cause I've got a song that wouldn't let me do it.
  • (She sings Moaning Mitchie Blues)
  • Mitchie: (singing) I've got a bratty sister. Who bugs me every day. And this morning, my own mother, Gave my last cupcake away. My dad, he acts like he belongs, Like he belongs in the zoo. I'm the saddest kid Saddest kid in grade number two. I wish I had a pony, I wish I were 18, I wish I had a dime For every kid who treats me mean. They tease me cuz I'm different, Little different from the rest. Oh, yes. Well, I'm down so low, If I cheered up, I'd still be depressed. The saxophone's my best friend, I play all over town. But when I practice in my room, I hear...
  • Raymond: MITCHIE, KEEP IT DOWN!!!
  • Mitchie: Although I'm only 14 years old, I've really paid my dues. It's true. That's why I got a case of, A case of the Moanin' Mitchie Blues!
  • (Joe Walsh plays a solo)
  • Mitchie: I wonder how I got here, I wonder what I'll be. The saddest little twig On this crazy family tree. I feel like I'm a loser With nothing left to lose. That's why I've got a case of, A case of the Moanin' Mitchie Blues! Oh, there's just no postponin' A case of the Moanin' Mitchie Blues!
  • (Mitchie blows her horn, John Sebastian blows a harp solo, then Mitchie blows again until fade)
  • (Moaning Mitchie Blues ends)
  • Mitchie: (whining) How am I ever going to work now?
  • (Lola arrives with Mitchie's high heels)
  • Lola: Meow!
  • Mitchie: My heels! Thank you, Lola!
  • (She puts them on)
  • Mitchie: I'm ready!
  • Kira: Good.
  • Angie: We wish you the best you can.
  • Mitchie: I will!
  • (She dashes off to the office department as we end the music video)

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