What is it?

In Germany it is not seldom that people are being mobbed - at school, in the job. At school, sometimes even teachers can participate on mobbing of some pupils. Reasons: the worker or pupil is better in his thing than others, and/or he comes from other country. In Germany, it can be a problem to have come from Russia. Not all, but some russian migrant are being discriminated because of their nationality and country they come - by "native germans" ( germans born in Germany - not in Russian or Sovjet Union, like "russian germans") and by muslemes - most often turkish people. There are some young turkish men who could be good friends of russians, but not much.

How to solve?

There are school psyhologes, and whatever, and you can go to them and say about your problem, but if they hove job at your school - don't hope. It's better to apply to somebody else - outer school. Somebody who has to check that it's everything allright at the school and so on.
The only alternative solution is, perhaps, to build a clique with some friends and just to fight. But i don't know if it will really solve your problems.


Killer Games

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