This module implements the {{tl|su}} template. It is used to create two smaller lines of text on one actual line.
== Usage from wikitext ==
This module cannot be used directly from wikitext. It can only be used through a template, usually the {{tl|su}} template. Please see the template page for documentation.
== Usage from Lua modules ==
To use this module from other Lua modules, first load the module.
<source lang="lua">
local mSu = require('Module:Su')
You can then generate the su links by using the _main function.
<source lang="lua">
mSu._main(sup, sub, options)
<var>sup</var> is the contents of the top line, and <var>sub</var> is the contents of the bottom line. <var>options</var> is a table that can contain the following fields:
* <code>align</code> - this can be set to "r" or "right" for right-alignment, and "c" or "center" for center-alignment. Anything else will make the output left-aligned. Must be a string value.
* <code>fontSize</code> - the font size of the text, e.g. "90%". If set to "f" or "fixed", the module will output a fixed-width font at 85%. Must be a string value.
* <code>lineHeight</code> - the distance from top to bottom (including top character). Default is 1.2em. Must be a string value.
* <code>verticalAlign</code> - The base alignment from the bottom. Default depends on presence of <code>sub</code>; -0.4em if present, 0.8em if not. Must be a string value.
All arguments are optional.
=== Examples ===
{| class="wikitable"
! Code
! Result
| {{code|mSu._main('top-line text', 'bottom-line text')|lua}}
| {{su|p=top-line text|b=bottom-line text}}
| {{code|1=mSu._main('top-line text', 'bottom-line text', {fontSize = '100%'})|2=lua}}
| {{su|p=top-line text|b=bottom-line text|w=100%}}
| {{code|1=mSu._main('top-line text', 'bottom-line text', {fontSize = 'f'})|2=lua}}
| {{su|p=top-line text|b=bottom-line text|w=f}}
| {{code|1=mSu._main('top-line text', 'bottom-line text', {align = 'r'})|2=lua}}
| {{su|p=top-line text|b=bottom-line text|a=r}}
| {{code|1=mSu._main('top-line text', 'bottom-line text', {align = 'c'})|2=lua}}
| {{su|p=top-line text|b=bottom-line text|a=c}}
| {{code|1=mSu._main('12', '8', {align = 'c', lineHeight = '0.8em'})|2=lua}}
| {{su|p=12|b=8|a=c|lh=0.8em}}
| {{code|mSu._main('top-line text')|lua}}
| {{su|p=top-line text}}
| {{code|mSu._main(nil, 'bottom-line text')|lua}}
| {{su|b=bottom-line text}}
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